BUSTED: Sara Carter Shakes Out A Pair Of Scandals From Mueller & Weissmann’s Tree Of Corruption

Sara A.Carter uncovers sketchy past of Mueller and Weissman in prior probes. Photo credit to US4Trump, screen capture compilation.Sara A.Carter uncovers sketchy past of Mueller and Weissman in prior probes. Photo credit to US4Trump, screen capture compilation.

Sara A. Carter shoo the Mueller tree of corruption and a couple of really bad apples fell out. Sara is in Washington D.C. and is a  Contributor. In addition, she is an award winning National Security/War Correspondent.

And WOW, what Sara just discovered will have you totally shaking your head. (Continued below.)

Who are the two bad apples?  

You will be wondering how these two were ever allowed to be in charge of the special counsel. Especially, when it affects so many of us. Something as serious as a level of corruption so deep that it is difficult to process all the dots.

Mueller and his lead attorney, Andrew Weissmann were the subject of Sara’s latest investigative piece. It is entitled, “Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissmann, the FBI and the Mob.” Yes, it is that plain and simple.

Additionally, the two men in charge of investigating our America First POTUS, are connected to the mob in their previous “probes.” (Continued below.)

Sara tweets her investigative piece that was published just moments ago. Click here to read her article directly and we will provide a synopsis below.

To read detailed information on Mueller’s relationship with notorious killer and mobster, James ‘Whitey’ Bulger’ click HERE

Sara uncovers that “many have suggested [Mueller] never should have been FBI Director. A position in which he then hired Weissmann to be his counsel.

And, of course, Weissman presided over the No. 1 most corrupt relationship between an FBI agent (Lyn Devecchio) and his informant (Greg Scarpa, Sr.).”

Also, Attorney David Schoen stated “[Mueller and Weissmann] were both connected to two of the biggest scandals in FBI history…”

Sara reaveals “ironically, both men were also connected in two of the biggest corruption investigations in FBI history. But rarely are Weissmann and Mueller’s past cases discussed in the media. Their past is relevant because it gives a road map to the future. Now, that these two longtime colleagues are charged with one of the most controversial investigations into a president in recent history.”

In ending, Sara states,

“Evidence has surfaced over the past year revealing the FBI’s partisan behavior and the bureau’s role in targeting the Trump investigation. The DOJ’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz, as well as Congress, have uncovered troves of documents that have led to the removal, demotion or firing of numerous FBI agents and DOJ officials.

Last week, former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired by the DOJ on a recommendation by the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility after it received evidence revealing McCabe lied under oath and authorized a leak to the Wall Street Journal, as reported.”

Sara reminds of the “young, ambitious journalist” in the movie King’s Game (2004) which won 13 awards internationally!

Also, in the movie, the journalist “slowly uncovers a cynical plot that involves the country’s incumbent Prime Minister. He becomes obsessed with learning the truth. But no one will listen to him, be it politicians or colleagues in the press corps.”

There are too many previous scandals with Mueller! 

Also, let’s get the word out to our Senators and State Representatives that we want a SECOND special counsel. We need to investigate Mueller and his team. However, they cannot investigate themselves. In part, because of their previous scandals. They cannot be trusted.

In closing, we cannot allow them to railroad our President behind a wall of corruption! Enough is enough! Call NOW and tell them you want a second special counsel! Your voice matters! Additionally, call 202-456-1111 to leave a comment at the White House. Or 202-456-1414 to speak directly to your legislator.

To read more about what Sara revealed about the corruption with the Uranium One scandals. Click here!

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