HELL FREEZES OVER: Lindsey Graham Boards The TRUMP TRAIN, Issues Grave New Threat To Hillary Colluders

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Lindsey Graham has called for a Second Special Counsel to investigate the Mueller Witch Hunt.

Additionally, Graham has spearheaded the subpoena for 1.2 million documents for the Clinton email scandal. (Video Below)

Maria asks Graham about the Second Special Counsel:

Graham responded, “I want to be able to prove that the FBI investigation of the Clinton email scandal was a sham.” But that’s not all, Senator Graham continued, “that the lead investigator, the lead FBI agent, hated Trump, supportive of Clinton. They whitewashed the email scandal.

Then, Lindsey hits it home with a dose of common sense. “If you had done what she had done, you’d probably be in jail now.”

Senator Graham details the reasons WHY he wants a Second Counsel. (Video Below)

He said the main reason is “to hold the FBI accountable for not their doing their job correctly.” Also, he said, “that [for] Comey, I think the fix was in.”

Additionally, Senator Graham went on to say, “when it comes to the dossier that was used by the Department of Justice to get a warrant against Carter Page, it was prepared by a paid informant of the Democratic Party [and] a foreign agent with ties to Russia. It is completely unverified. And, it should never have been used for a FISA warrant.” 

In ending, Graham hit a home run, and he jumped squarely into a first class ticket on the Trump Train! Graham said, “and I want a Special Counsel to look at all of this like Mueller is looking at Trump.” (VIDEO BELOW.)


Graham is on the Trump Train!

In closing, if you are glad to see Senator Lindsey Graham calling for a Second Special Counsel, then drop a comment below!

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  1. He has sided with and included in the established Rino deep state, so yes this is a great move as we hear over 100 agents combined NSA and FBI are turning evidence and testifying against this corrupt leaders in their respective branches!!

  2. And the plot thickens.

  3. Way to go graham it’s about time for this

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