MORE WINNING: President Trump Scores Historical Victory Against Illegal Immigrants

HUGE win for Trump team! Citizen question will be added back to the 2020 Census. Photo credit to Dagger News compilation.HUGE win for Trump team! Citizen question will be added back to the 2020 Census. Photo credit to Dagger News compilation.

Winning! It appears our Department of Justice, headed by Jeff Sessions, has asked for the Citizenship question to be added back to the 2020 Census.

Additionally, it appears the Department of Commerce, with Wilbur Ross at the helm agrees, and it’s official. The 2020 Census will include the Citizenship question.


“In a statement released Monday night, the Commerce Department said the question was being added to help enforce the Voting Rights Act. The department pointed out that previous Census surveys before 1950 consistently asked citizenship questions.”

“Today, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced that a question on citizenship status will be reinstated to the 2020 decennial census questionnaire. To help enforce the Voting Rights Act (VRA). Secretary Ross’s decision follows a request by the Department of Justice (DOJ). To add a question on citizenship status to the 2020 decennial census. Please click HERE to view the memorandum directing the Census Bureau to reinstate a question on citizenship to the 2020 decennial census.” (Continued below)

History of the Citizenship question and why it matters: 

The question has been reinstated from the 1950 census. USA Today explains how the information is used. The “Census count is used to redraw congressional districts. So, it can affect the makeup of Congress. And to determine where federal, state, and local funds will be used; to build new schools, roads, health care facilities, child-care centers, and senior centers.

“It also forms the basis of countless government and academic studies that drive public policy decisions and legislation from Washington, D.C., to statehouses and city halls.”

Also, Brietbart reported, “Right now, congressional districts are drawn up simply based on the number of warm bodies in each district. Not only are legal aliens counted, but illegal aliens are counted too. As a result, citizens in a district with lots of illegal aliens have more voting power than citizens in districts with few illegal aliens. [Emphasis added]

Think of it this way. There are about 710,000 people in each congressional district. But, if half of the district is made up of illegal aliens, then there are only 355,000 citizens in the district. The value of each citizen’s vote in such a district is twice as high. [Emphasis added]” (See more below)

This makes the question being added to the 2020 Census a HUGE win for President Trump! Additionally,  it is right up there with the tax cuts and the nomination of SCOTUS, Neil Gorsuch!

The liberals are up in arms!

Of course, the liberals are objecting because they fear less illegals will NOT answer the Census bureau. If less illegals answer, then they fear illegals will be underrepresented. And if illegals are underrepresented, then their master plan of affecting votes in Congress and the House of Representatives will be foiled.

Wilbur Ross combats the liberal agenda- Winning! Direct from Market Watch, Ross states the following:

“Ross noted two former top Census Bureau officials: one during the Obama administration, and one during the George W. Bush administration. He told Commerce officials that adding the citizenship question risked lowering the response rate.

But, he said there was limited empirical evidence to support this view. Even if there is some impact on responses, the value of accurate data from adding the question outweighs concerns, he said.”

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