Bill O’Reilly Points Out Two Dirty Tricks About Stormy’s Interview That Proves Her Deceit

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The American people don’t care what Donald Trump did years ago before he became President.

However, the mainstream media fights to keep the gossip going as their Russia/Collusion narrative is over.

The mainstream media has run out of ideas and will continue to push anything to make President Trump look bad. They are so desperate to try to ruin Trump’s Presidency, and will continue to not cover the actual achievements that President Trump and his administration are doing.

Stormy Daniels recently interviewed with CNN’s Anderson Cooper Sunday night on 60 Minutes. During her salacious interview, she discussed her alleged one night affair with Donald Trump 12 years ago. CNN is obsessed with this porn star now.

The White House pushed back denying the allegations. In addition “Stormy Daniels” has also denied having any sexual relations with Trump on 2 separate occasions.

But, many are questioning Stormy Daniels statements from her interview. (See below)

Bill O’ Reilly came forward Monday morning slamming Stormy while pointing out her lies during the interview in a tweet storm.

O’Reilly tweeted, “So much for the porn performer on “60 Minutes” who’s story doesn’t stack. She says she didn’t want money to attack Donald Trump but accepted money. She doesn’t want money now either. So why are you on national television with all this garbage? Does that help your daughter?”

(See below)

“If someone threatened your young child with harm, would you not go to the police? Even after you saw the man who did it?”

“So, Anderson, some guy threatened my baby daughter to my face but I was too scared to tell the police but not too scared to tell @60Minutes.”

“Also, Anderson, I never wanted money but accepted money and tried to sell my Trump story to a newspaper. But I never wanted money. Are you hearing me, Anderson???? Honest analysis on” (See below) 

The left’s new obsession is Stormy Daniels because the Russian collusion is dead. They want to find any reason to hate the President and make him out to be the worst person ever.

Stormy Daniels is CNN’s new vessel right now and they are using her like a puppet. In two years she will be broke and a nobody.

We Deplorables elected President Trump to Build the Wall and Drain The Swamp. We did not elect him to be our PASTOR.

Do you stand with President Trump 100%? Let us know what you think the comments below.

38 Comments on "Bill O’Reilly Points Out Two Dirty Tricks About Stormy’s Interview That Proves Her Deceit"

  1. Bill O’Reilly is correct in my opinion.

  2. I stand with Trump

  3. thanks bill and yes i don’t care what some slut says about my president..and what kind of pos mon is she what did she do to protect her child nothing that’s called child endangerment where i come from lying skank like most these whores the left digs up

  4. She is lying. If someone threatened my child, the POLICE would have been
    Called. She wanted money. That is what she wants and to destroy the Presidents marriage and his Presidency. She is trash

  5. Brenda Kieliszewski | March 27, 2018 at 12:22 am |

    Funny how you don’t hear anything about what Bill Clinton did right in the white house. Love Bill O’Reilly

  6. At least whores get paid. This pornstar gets her kick by being screwed in front of a video camera showing all the horney men can play with themselves while watching the video. She doesn’t need any money. The paid whore makes enough money on her own. Bye, the way Mr. O’Reilly this precious daughter she keeps talking about, why didn’t someone ask if she knew who the father was or if she knew which one of male pornstar is the father?

  7. Please don’t use my last name.

  8. She’s a trashy porn star who got paid to show the world her body. Who would respect her. I don’t think we really care what she has to say about our POUS.

  9. Orazio romano | March 27, 2018 at 12:55 am |

    Donald Trump is a great man and the world saviour.

  10. I’m still laughing about her concern about defamation of character. She told everyone what she is. Lordy Lordy…let me be on that jury.

  11. In a few days we as Christians celebrate the death, burial, and Ressurection of our Savior Jesus Christ. He will come again and The lies and deceit you tell will come to light and you will beg for his forgiveness, but it will be too late. Beauty and money will not save you only repentance. So make a choice today

  12. Lynn A McDonald | March 27, 2018 at 7:49 am |

    IF this ever happened it was way before becoming president. Unlike some of our other presidents, he didn’t do it in the white house or with an intern. She was a consenting whore. Her porn career is over, so now she’s looking for a way to get more money and possibly an actress job. That’s all this is. A way for her to get a new career. Her husband and daughter must be real proud of her, going on tv and saying she willingly had sex with a married man, but really didn’t want to!!!

  13. Mr Bill O’Reilly is right.
    I care less about Daniels, and I still support President Trump. 2020 ♡♡♡maggie

  14. Josephine Barrett | March 27, 2018 at 9:20 am |

    Keep Fighting Mr. President!!! Please don’t give up!!!
    Thank You for giving up your life to fight for our country and doing it for no compensation.
    We Love You & don’t give up!!!!

  15. Chuck Popke | March 27, 2018 at 9:20 am |

    100% behind President Trump this is bull s. What ever he done before he was elected is none of our business!!! His name IS NOT Bill Clinton

  16. Best President ever ! My family stands by you 100% God bless the USA

  17. This happened 12 years ago and I BELIEVE IN MY PRESIDENT, If he did it, who wouldn’t when a naked lady is standing in front of you, well Anderson Cooper would. If he didn’t, like he has said then this is for money. She is getting old and needs some Easter egg to keep her life style going for years. What a world we live in, lies and more lies and it has to do with money and making OUR PRESIDENT LOOK BAD. Sorry people I like our President.

  18. Elvira Cortes | March 27, 2018 at 10:35 am |

    Bill O’ Reilly is absolutely right. The libs are using her to destroy Trump because the Russian issue is winding down. After her they’ll find something else. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what these libtards are up to.

  19. Vickie Martin | March 27, 2018 at 10:55 am |

    I stand with Mr.Trump and I support him a 100%.
    Stormy is a gold digger and she is lieing to get money that’s all.

  20. I suppose her career was flagging. They are saying that she has done the tour of stipclubs and now CNN. Her name is back out in the public. Her mission accomplished. Hard Left trying to make POTUS look bad. No one cares who Bill Clinton sleep with while in office. Why should we care who Trump slept with 10 years prior to being in office. This topic is irrelevant.

  21. I stand Behind President Trump 100% What his Personal Life is No Ones Business . We the People Elected Him To Do a Job and He is Doing It Quite Well

  22. Even if it happened so what it was before he was President. Atleast he is not Bill Clinton having sexual relations in the oval office. We didn’t elect him to because he was a pastor, we elected him to get stuff done, drain the swamp. The only way he doesn’t get my support is if I found out he screwed Hillary. Short of that, whatever! #MAGA

  23. I don’t need to know the details of President Trump’s life. I know he is the greatest president in my lifetime & I have lived thru several. Presidents. Thanks to Bill O’Reilly for setting everyone straight. He has always been great with words.

  24. Thanks Bill democrats are scraping bottom of the barrel waste of their money (although they have$$$$$$$$ stolen from american tax payers(clinton’s obama’s)so can afford to waste) keep calling out these liars God Bless you and your family Bill???

  25. Thanks Bill democrats are scraping bottom of the barrel keep calling out these liars God Bless you and your family Bill???

  26. God bless my president and his family! ❤ I support u 100% DRAIN THE SWAMP AND BUILD THE WALLS! TRUMP 2020

  27. I %100 stand with our POTUS, as for all those woman, I say that lightly if it isn’t for Money? Then why now?? Sorry but I do not believe these woman are coming out of the woodwork for anything else except to slander our President & family for nothing more than the $$! If he had and affair with any or all of them it was over 12yrs ago, who cares it is None of our business! Unlike Bill Clinton who forced himself on many woman, and did so in the Office of the Presidency, the MSM did nothing but torture those poor woman and so did Hillary!! Ms. Porn Star lol ex porn Star & others soon you to will be old news with nothing to show for this!!

  28. She already said she lied 4 Now she wants us to believe her when she said she lied before…lolol! Plus…really?? President Trump is Worth Billions.Billions.! & you think dhed ask for $130 THOUSAND??? What a JOKE!!

  29. SADIE RIDDICK | March 27, 2018 at 8:30 pm |


  30. well look at her porn star who has screwed many and many more, getting fat and old now she is looking for a nest egg for her senior years. i could care less what he did before he was President as long as he continues to drain the swamp and build the wall and brings America back to number one, I fully support him in all endeavors. Thank You Bill and Thank You President Trump.

  31. I stand with Trump! God help us if a Democrat wins the next election

  32. Thanks Bill for standing up for Trump . I read this happened 15 years ago then almost 20 years ago , so which is it ? Joe Biden and Ra hm Emanuel are paying for all this , ……well enough said there . She is a worthless whore after money!!

  33. She’s a lying whore end of story !

  34. what a whore. ever word out of
    her mouth was a lie. democratdid you get your moneies worth???????????

  35. With President Trump all the way….for the next 7 years…God bless.

  36. Stormy Daniel’s the whore that was lucky enough to sleep with a classy guy like DONALD J TRUMP!

  37. PRESIDENT TRUMP all the way! The Democrats keep pulling the same old crap! Unbelieveable storys , over and over! Wonder who fed them this one to try ? My guess is Bill Clinton… some of his past trash to use!

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