What Clinton’s Alleged Victim Just Said About Stormy Has Hill & Bill Begging MSM To Hide It

Photo credit Screen Grab, YouTube.Photo credit Screen Grab, YouTube.

Hannity pointed out the obvious fact that the Stormy Daniels story is being paraded all across the media. Yet, when Bill Clinton actually raped someone, there was very little coverage.

Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones both joined Hannity to share their perspective of the non-stop coverage on President Trump.

You better put some ice on that.

Juanita Broaddrick has a book out called “You Better Put Some Ice On That.” Which happens to be what Bill Clinton told her after raping her.

Paula Jones made it clear that President Trump “did not do anything that was a crime.”  And went on to say that Stormy Daniels “was a willing participant.”

Neither woman was invited on to 60 minutes, MSNBC or  CNN to tell their stories about Bill Clinton. On the Hannity show, Paula said that, back then, the media made fun of them and treated them horribly.

Additionally,  Bill’s situation was far different. Bill was actually impeached for being with a young intern in the Oval Office while he was President.

Also, then President Clinton was caught lying to Congress and the American people about it.

Watch the video below as Paula and Juanita join Sean. 

In closing, if you are tired of seeing the non-stop coverage of Stormy Daniels, drop a comment below. Also, we are interested in knowing what you remember of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

If you would like to read more about Monica’s recent interview in Vanity Fair, click here.

5 Comments on "What Clinton’s Alleged Victim Just Said About Stormy Has Hill & Bill Begging MSM To Hide It"

  1. robert ascani | March 28, 2018 at 9:22 am |

    not interested about stormy….i remember bill clinton doing the old cigar trick on, or should I say ‘IN’Monica.

  2. Drop all this garbage and stand behind our president so he can do he’s job.

  3. Bill was far more Guilty ! If that happened with Stormy ,she was willing & Trump was not President or doing it in the White House ! We don’t give a crap about Stormy or what Trump did before he was president . Bill was President when he raped Lewinsky . Big difference ! Trump is so far a head of presidents that ever were in Office , Trump is getting the crap the rest of the presidents screwed up for America & doing a Great Job Of That , get out of his way & let him complete his job now!! No more interference from the past trash ! Amen!!

  4. Sheila gay | March 30, 2018 at 9:52 am |

    It shows just what kind of journalist we now have in our media to give MORE ATTENTION TO A PORN STAR THAN OUR. COUNTRIES BEST INTEREST!?. This whole thing that she’s trying to do is because of MONEY it is repulsive and she DOES NOT REPRESENT THE GOOD WOMEN OF THIS COUNTRY! This is how the LIBERALS WORK if it’s one of them they will protect even if it means throwing the innocent victims under the bus. SHAME ON YOU? Leave Trump alone and let him do his job! God Bless our POTUS always??????

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