Sara Carter DESTROYS Obama and Comey With Newly Uncovered BOMBSHELLS

Sara A. Carter reveals Obama White House complicit in the spying of opposition candidate for POTUS in 2016. Photo credit to US4Trump, screen grab compilation.Sara A. Carter reveals Obama White House complicit in the spying of opposition candidate for POTUS in 2016. Photo credit to US4Trump, screen grab compilation.

Okay America! This is HUGE! It’s our job to let everyone know what is going on because the MSM is NOT going to report on it!

The bottom line: Obama was being briefed in the White House about the fake dossier. Also, Obama knew what information was being discovered from spying on an American citizen, Carter Page.

This information is EXPLOSIVE! 

If you are not OUTRAGED that a sitting American President was complicit on spying on the campaign of an opposition candidate, then America is in BIG trouble.

This truly IS worse than Watergate.

The left has been trying to water down what the corrupt Obama-era is complicit in doing. But this makes Watergate look like a third rate theft. (MORE below!) 

What the Obama admin pulled off is akin to weaponizing the highest law enforcement offices in the land!

Obama’s admin used the FBI and the CIA to spy on the Donald Trump campaign like bumbling Keystone cops.

Sara Carter reveals the BOMBSHELL with PROOF! (Video Below.) 

THIS is WHY the Inspector General is opening a case in the FISA Abuse scandal! 

Basically, Sara is proving that Obama himself was complicit in the spying operation. He was using the FBI and CIA to spy on the Trump campaign like the United States is some sort of Banana Republic. This is what she reported:

“The documents also reveal that former Senate majority leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, sent a letter on Aug. 29, 2016, asking former FBI Director James Comey to investigate the allegations, which were presented to him by then CIA Director John Brennan. Brennan had briefed Reid privately days earlier on the counterintelligence investigation and documents suggest Reid was also staying in close touch with Comey over the issues.

The documents, which include text messages from embattled FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and his paramour Lisa Page, also reveal that former Obama White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough was involved in the initial investigation into Trump’s campaign. Comey, Brennan, and McDonough were the “highest-ranking officials at the FBI, CIA and White House” and were working in concert to ensure an investigation was initiated, congressional members told this reporter.”

Obama could be a witness in the IG Investigation!  

Sara Carter, Gregg Jarrett, Jason Chaffetz discussed the FISA scandal on Hannity, as Sara revealed the information. (Video Below)

First, Jason reminded the audience and the panel that he had asked for the documents in September of 2016. And had been stonewalled for two years!

After, Hannity reminded everyone of the January 11th meeting with Susan Rice and James Comey. Additionally, this is when then-President Obama said, “Follow the LAW. Do it the right way.” 

Then Sean asked Gregg Jarrert, “when you put all of this together. And there was far more involvement with Barack Obama than anybody knew.”

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Jarrett who is the Fox News legal analyst responded, “Oh absolutely! To believe that the President didn’t know that there was an investigation of Donald Trump, candidate for President, is to believe in the TOOTH FAIRY.”

Then Hannity asked the question we all want to know. He asked, “Does that make him [Obama] a witness?”

And Gregg responded, “Oh yes. ABSOLUTELY.”  WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW! 

In ending, do you think the Inspector General will subpoena the former President Obama? Drop a comment below and let us know!

18 Comments on "Sara Carter DESTROYS Obama and Comey With Newly Uncovered BOMBSHELLS"

  1. Why would 0bama be above the law,following in (the lying witches) Hillary’s foot steps? Democrats make me sick along with a few choice Republicans.

  2. No one is above the law and to suggest that any rank and file member, regardless of his or her position, is would be to suggest there simply is no law. All parties known to have information about this subject, regardless of level of involvement, should be compelled to give testimony and suffer any consequences as prescribed by law.

  3. Alexander | April 1, 2018 at 4:33 am |

    Same story over and over. If the law has been broken, why hasn’t the Department of Justice issued warrants for arrest? I’ll tell you why, everyone involved is “ABOVE” the law, that’s right, “ABOVE” the law what else explains why these people haven’t already been arrested, jailed and tried? Washington and this includes Trump, is going to take care of themselves, breaking the law is punishable to the American citizen, not the political elitist, so stop talking this foolishness and deflecting legalities, They’re arrested or their not they are still going to remain out of jail.

  4. Jacqueline Lohman | April 1, 2018 at 10:29 am |

    How can anything be done? Sessions is ridiculously STUPID! And Ronstein is involved! FBI refuses to cooperate. Now what?

  5. Pam Alcala | April 1, 2018 at 11:27 am |

    I hope the former president is soepenaed. The American people need to be reassured that no one is above the law.

  6. No I don’t believe he’ll be subpeonaed. Politicians crimes have always gotten swept under the rug. I sure do wish it would happen. That would shut a lot of his minions mouths for sure.

  7. Doug Jenkins | April 1, 2018 at 12:37 pm |

    Where does the murder of Seth Rich fit in this fiasco?

  8. Absolutely…the democrats think they are above the law and can get away with anything. The problem is AG Sessions maybe doing something quietly but he is appears to be arming the democrats with the investigation. I don’t see Sessions assuring the public that an investigation will be fair. Its almost like he wants to cover up Rosenstein and any other democrat that was involved wrong deeds. He won’t subpoena Obama.

  9. So far what has been done ? Nothing and nothing will be done . To much corruption and to late. It has gone to far and they all protect each other. We as citizens can do nothing !

  10. This is the best reason for supporting term limits and to rotate judges out of the federal courts.

  11. O, neither will Hillary’s boy, Jeffie!

  12. Arnold Peabody | April 3, 2018 at 9:24 pm |

    Time for an INDEPENDENT Special PROSECUTOR!

  13. Video is not working correctly.

  14. Obama is not the president he is not above the law….he has always been on the wrong side of the law….it’s time for him to pay for his dishonesty….

  15. The inspector general has no power to arrest anyone. He brings the investigation material into the open,But no farther

  16. If Obama Is NOT Questioned about his involvement would glaringly be that hes above the law. It’s time to put a light on everyone, to make damn sure this NEVER HAPPENS again!!! Obama, to me is very shady. When someone cant produce a valid Birth Certificate and a valid S.S NUMBER, somethings wrong!!! This should again be investigated, NOT by democrates but by someone we can trust. That leaves out Mueller and his team of Democratic supporters and the FBI AND CIA. SO NOT sure who to trust, maybe an investigator in Kansas!!!

  17. Mueller is complicit in the coverup and is not qualified to continue any investigation…Him going after any of the Obama crime family, including Clintons, is truly ridiculous …

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