Unruly Reporters Try To Trap Sarah Today On China, Sarah Embarrasses Them With ONE Brutal Fact

Image Source: Screen shot & 201tube. Edited and Calibrated by USA 4 Trump

Sarah Huckabee Sanders just embarrassed a room full of reporters and they absolutely deserved it. Look, she doesn’t take pleasure in humiliating a rabid press corps and she gets a bad rap when she does, but sometimes it just must be done.

Like today. (Videos Below)

The White House press corps was lying in wait like a bunch of jackals and went right after Sarah and Trump for the China tariffs.

Foaming at the mouth like a bunch of rabid dogs they unleashed their nonsensical arguments for why the tariffs are bad.

The real tragedy to all this is that the press corps and their bosses, and the whole damn political establishment knows they screwed up with China for the last 30 years and refuse to admit it.

Because the reason is horrific and is basically treason – they took the money and turned their backs on the wholesale looting of America by the Chinese. (Videos Below)

Complicit the whole lot of our “leaders” are. The enormity of what their treason has caused is hard to truly describe.

The wealthy got even richer, and now we see unbalances in income disparity reach pre 1930 recession levels. At the same time, the average American hasn’t seen a raise in 30 years.

That would be bad enough to cement the establishment as history’s dunces. (Videos Below)

But add to it the fact that during that time, China itself got rich and built a first-class military.

They had a 3rd world country and military, and within a few short years and based off tough trade policies that enabled them to basically steal our intellectual property; they are now darn near close to being a superpower.

Something needed to be done, and we needed a strong leader unafraid of the backlash to actually do something.

And, Trump is the man as Sarah smacked back at the unruly mob of WH reporters today: (Videos Below)

“The actions of the president regarding China have strengthed our country, we have added over 3 million jobs and we are focused on the future strength of the long term economy.”

She went on to say that if China wants to stop illegal and unfair trade practices we can take off the pressure, if not we will keep up the pressure.

Walk softly and carry a big stick. Good job Sarah. (Videos Below)