Judge Jeanine Steps Up And FRIES Celebrities & Spineless RINO’s Like Chickens

Image Source: Pinterest, Img Flip, Raw Story, Meet The Fockers Screen Grab, CNN Screen Grab, USA For Trump Compilation

In her opening Saturday night, Judge Jeanine came out swinging.

She stepped up to the plate and fried ruthless celebrities, dems, and spineless RINO’s like chickens. (Video Below)

Judge Jeanine came forward saying “they” continuously attack the President and his family, along with the First Lady. Naming off the recent strikes coming their way, the judge noted the making fun of Melania’s accent, or the mocking of their intellect.

She pointed out “they” ignored a congressional subpoena for DOJ documents on the FISA abuse scandal and the Hillary Clinton investigation.

The Judge asked, “So who are they? And who do we blame for the repeated trashing of the First Lady?”

Judge Jeanine wants to know, “WHY IS OPEN SEASON ON THE FIRST FAMILY?” (Video Below)

The Judge slammed down the hammer saying, “There’s only one group to blame, and that group is the Republican party.”

The Hollywood celebrities and the left continue their attacks on the President, because they can get away with it. There are no consequences.

(Video Below)

The Judge came forward, addressing the chickens, while looking directly into the camera and announced, “It’s time for the Republicans to start wielding power. They’ve got to learn to stop their namby-pamby, spineless finger-to-the-wind approach to running the country.”

“It’s time for republicans to stop fighting with each other, and start supporting President Trump.”


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