Pres Trump Opens Up On One Of His Biggest Passions Outside Of Making America Great Again

Pres Trump talks Sports with Bernie and Sid in the Morning! Feature photo credit to screen capture by US4Trump.Pres Trump talks Sports with Bernie and Sid in the Morning! Feature photo credit to screen capture by US4Trump.

Pres Trump was up early in the morning! He joined the popular radio show in New York City, The Bernie and Sid in the Morning program. Their motto is ‘The Truth Behind the BS!’. And you can find them on WBAC NY, NY from 6 until 10 in the morning.

President Trump and Bernard, as DJT referred to Bernie, go way back. And the show included such topics as the economy, the stock market, the correspondence dinner and the trade war. However, the BEST part was toward the end where President Trump talked about his favorite baseball team. (RADIO CLIP BELOW.)

Regarding, the trade war, POTUS said “we’ve already lost the trade war. I’m not saying we’re not going to have a little pain. But it’s something we had to do.” And he went on to explain that, “They sell a car to us it’s 2.5% tax. We sell a car to them and it’s 25% tax.”

Then Sid asks, President Trump, “Again, we both think, you’re doing a fantastic job! Back to Donald Trump the New Yorker. You ready?” Then, in great spirits, DJT accepts the challenge.

Sid sets the scene up by saying, “It’s opening day in New York, the weather is lousy. You’re still going. But you’ve got tickets, box seats, to both the Mets and the Yankees. Where does Donald Trump end up? In the Bronx or in Queens?”

POTUS quickly answered, “Well, you’re going to get me in A LOT of trouble!”  Which caused the pair of radio hosts to break out into a severe bout of  genuine laughter. (MORE BELOW.) 

Then DJT continued, “But, I think both teams. Because, you know, I know even the players, ok, in a lot of cases. Because you know, I’m a baseball fan. And I like ball teams. Randy (Yankees), is so great. Wilpon’s (Mets) are really good people. So, don’t put me in that position.”

This caused the two morning hosts to guffaw and laugh and one could be heard jokingly saying, “We withdraw the question!” But POTUS continues, he said:

“I will say this, both of them are exciting. They have some pretty good [players]. And the Yankees, what they did, with Stanton. I think that’s going to be a great…you know that’s one that’s almost…” (MORE BELOW.)

As his words trailed off wondering if he should give it away or possibly jinx it! POTUS then continued in a joking manner, “Famous last words! That’s a player that can’t fail!” President Trump’s kind of guy for sure!

Then POTUS adds, “You’re going to have two exciting teams. And I want them both to do well. I hate to be political! You see, in the olden days, I would have, answered the question!”

Then he said, “Look, I really like the Wilpon’s (Mets) a lot. And Randy Levine and the Steinbrenner’s (Yankees). These are phenomenal people! And, so, I’ll take a pass but I really enjoy both teams a lot.” 

Oh no! He took a pass! With a quick search we found a very telling video of Donald Trump with Bill O’Reilly attending a ball game and doing the wave. Looks like POTUS was sitting with the Yankee’s in 2012! Check out the video below! 

The popular radio show duo ended the segment with, “President Trump, we’re going to let you go back to running the Country.”

Trump on the Mets vs. Yankees on the Bernie and Sid in the Morning show from New York City! Go to the 7 minute mark for the BASEBALL remarks!

Bernie and Sid thank POTUS on twitter, in a typical New York style.

POTUS Tears Up Early Morning Air Waves And Discusses Fav Baseball Team! Wait until you see what we uncovered! 

Let’s take a trip in the WAY BACK machine! All the way back to 2012! Here’s a clip of Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump at the New York Yankee’s game where DJT enjoys doing the wave.

Who is your favorite Baseball team?