SATURDAY SURPRISE: Trump & Mattis UNLEASH Illegal Immigrants’ Biggest Fear

Saturday Surprise! Mad Dog Mattis and POTUS aren't messing around! Photo credit to Fox & ABC Screen Grabs and US4Trump Compilation.Saturday Surprise! Mad Dog Mattis and POTUS aren't messing around! Photo credit to Fox & ABC Screen Grabs and US4Trump Compilation.

Is anyone familiar with the slogan, “In the Army, we do more before 9AM than most people do all day”? Well, it holds true for POTUS,  Mattis and the National Guard when dealing with illegal immigrants!

Early this morning, Secretary of Defense General “Mad Dog” Mattis signed the deployment order! Mattis approves up to 4,000 troops from across our Country. The National Guard is on the ready to secure our borders! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Which type of National Guard order is it? 

The order this morning, is a Title 32 which is “not full on active duty.” This means that the Governors still have the control. And it will be interesting to see which States will pony up and which do not.

Overnight, 150 troops deployed already to Arizona. And 250 troops deployed to Texas. These troops are specifically to assist with controlling the border!

Catch and Release Policy has ended! (MORE BELOW.) 

Also, Reuters reported, “Trump signs memo ending ‘catch and release’ immigration policy.” POTUS signed it late last night. This will enable the border to be controlled more efficiently. We will no longer have to allow illegal immigrants who get one foot on the ground in America to stay.

Once they are here, they go into detention. Under the catch and release policy, “illegal immigrants are released from detention while awaiting a court hearing on their status” per Reuters.

Watch the video below! 

National Guard Troops deployed to border! (Video below.) 

Are you encouraged by the fact that National Security of America seems to be a priority with the current administration?

Drop a comment below, we would like to know what you think about the National Guard showing up at the border this morning in a “Saturday Surprise”! h/t Fox News

23 Comments on "SATURDAY SURPRISE: Trump & Mattis UNLEASH Illegal Immigrants’ Biggest Fear"

  1. It’s about time. We’re being overrun by illegals that can get driver’s licences, housing,food stamps, free health care and free educations at the citizens’ expense. And they can vote, too, which enables them to keep
    in power those that want their votes.

  2. Shoolsout403 | April 7, 2018 at 4:03 pm |

    This admistration “GETS THE JOB DONE IMMEDIATELY! If they say there is a red line, it will mean a red line!!!

  3. Teri Martin | April 7, 2018 at 4:08 pm |

    This is great. Very proud of our President taking a stand against the illegals. To bad the rest of the Republican party doesn’t stand up for the people they r supposed to represent.

  4. Jane DeWitt | April 7, 2018 at 4:10 pm |

    That God something is getting done about all the illegals.

  5. ELLEN. RUERO | April 7, 2018 at 4:11 pm |

    Definitely a sure way to DETER THESE ILLEGALS TO EVEN COME NEAR OUR BORDER: in Oregon, Arizona, Texas, and California.
    I’m glad we have a Commander-in-Chief who makes good on his promises and firm about it.
    Thank you President Donald Trump and Defense Secretary Mathis. You both have my wholehearted praise and support.

  6. Love it. Should use rubber bullets if necessary, then the real thing.

  7. I ? President Trump .

  8. Yay!!! Trump 2020!!!

  9. Great job

  10. We need a secure border. What ever it takes

  11. Tim Stripling | April 7, 2018 at 7:32 pm |

    Proud of President Trump I’m glad there doing this and “ Trump 2020 “.

  12. Thank God for our President. He gets things done.

  13. I know the National Guard can’t arrest people, but they CAN shoot people. Let’s hope they will be shooting a whole lot of illegals and liberals.

  14. Thank you, President Trump, for returning our country to us. I realize that you have given up a really great, comfortable life to be the President and use your power and authority to help us. I know it is no picnic, and there’s no reward, but I just want to let you know, I am thankful.

  15. This our Country!!! We DEPEND IT from invaders!!! GOD BLESS YOU us all ?????⚘???

  16. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP AND YOUR Administration for doing everything securing our borders! ???????????????????????

  17. Thank you president TRUMP…BEST PRESIDENT EVER.????????????

  18. Brad Keen | April 8, 2018 at 8:59 am |

    Keep up the good work, and God bless our president .

  19. Something needed to be done.This is the only country that allowed open borders.Thanks to the military and President Trump for looking out for our country.

  20. I love the fact that the military are there to help nut don t release them send them.back that day

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