James Woods Makes A Gleaming Statement About Melania That Is Sure To Get Under MSM’s Skin

Melania Trump and James Woods via 20/20 Screen Grab, TMZ Screen Grab and USA for Trump Compilation

Melania Trump is an absolutely stunning FLOTUS. Not only is she classy and beautiful, but she’s also intelligent, fluent in at least 5 languages and well-respected all around the world.

Many well-known faces from the Left, mostly the mainstream media and celebrities, don’t give her the credit she deserves and constantly find whatever reasons they can to bash her. For instance, Jimmy Kimmel in his latest smear attack, which you can read more about that HERE. And after Kimmel’s latest shenanigans, James Woods stepped up to the plate and said the one thing MSM wishes he would have shut up about. SEE BELOW

James Woods, who is one of the few normal celebrities in America, has been known to drop many Truth Bombs regarding modern-day politics, and he recently let one loose regarding Melania Trump.

The biased, dishonest media and most celebs would’ve, without a doubt, preferred a Democrat to win the Presidency in 2016. And Woods thinks if Trump were indeed a Democrat, our amazing FLOTUS would get a voluminous amount of respect.

Woods said:

If the Trumps were Democrats, Melania would be on every cover of every chic women’s magazine in the world every month.” SEE BELOW


This tweet by Woods falls in line with one of his other prior statements he made, where he said Melania will go down as the most beautiful first lady in American history. You can read more about that HERE.

And although celebs and MSM will deny any such statement that comes out of a conservative’s mouth, one can only see he makes a good debatable point, considering most “chic magazines” have strong Liberal interests.

As the pendulum swings more to the right, perhaps America will start seeing Melania on more magazine covers as a result of publishers coming to their senses. But we won’t hold our breath!

What do you think about the statement James Woods made about Melania? Scroll down below and let us know!

12 Comments on "James Woods Makes A Gleaming Statement About Melania That Is Sure To Get Under MSM’s Skin"

  1. James woods does like our Lovely first lady.and is quick to say so.I also admire her and believe she should recieve more respect than the democrates afford her.

  2. Our lovely first lady should recieve more respect than the democrates offer her.

  3. Thank you James Woods for stating the obvious. Open your eyes America, there’s a new sheriff in town. Trump train?

  4. Michi Henley | April 8, 2018 at 10:44 pm |

    I agree with James Woods. If the Trumps were democrats, they would be all over front covers of magazines. It is sick the democrats can’t get over losing the election….they need to grow up and mature or get the he’ll out.

  5. People should be complaining about the past 2 first so called ladies.. as for Michael. all he did was spend money on vacations and did not even care about America or Americans, and his daughter is a drunken druggie! .. hildabeast stole from the White House when they left, Clinton got his cigar smoked in the White House, Hildabeast broke stuff in the White House and destroyed other stuff, threw Temper Tantrums , assaulted Bill and Secret Service. and on and on.. We finally have a FIRST CLASS FAMILY IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

  6. We finally have a respectful Family in the White House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So proud so very proud, to have them,and such a beautiful, intelligent, First Lady, They Both Love our Country & trying to bring us back to the real America!!!!!!!!

  7. James Wood you are doing a wonderful job. Please don’t stop. Melania Trump is elegant, beautiful, educated and they are all jealous that a foreigner can have all those marvelous attributes.

  8. It’s true. Anne Lebowitz just did George Cooney wife on Vogue.

  9. ELIZABETH BENNETT | April 10, 2018 at 1:13 pm |

    I agree with James Wood. Melania is first class all the way. She represents America the way our 1st Lady should. She doesn’t hang all over our President- her husband. In many of the posts about President Trump and his so called former girl friends, the girls are hanging onto him but he is standing tall!! Women that hang on a married man that is not her husband are not classy ladies. Melania always presents herself with dignity. She dresses the way I like to see our First Lady dress- with style . Thank you Melania and thank you James Wood for saying what needs to be said.

  10. I’m an Immigrant came to US without English but I know America will be my Country that I will love forever.
    Our FLOTUS also an Immigrant and she learn and adopted to the life in America.
    She’s so beautiful and peaceful and intelligent.
    The reason why the entire LEFTIST hated Our FLOTUS
    Because she’s better then THEM a lot so they can’t take it.
    Jealousy is the main reason why. MSM is dancing a long with all the Liberals because THEY need each other.
    Jams woods is corrected…If Our President is the Democrats then Our FLOTUS would be the Liberal, MSM Darling that THEY will adore and admire, Love and talk about her Beautiful everyday on each of their Television each day.

  11. Sara L. Mumday | April 11, 2018 at 6:34 pm |

    So glad we have her in our corner! She is so beautiful and end smart! God Bless her!!

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