After Reporter Sides With McCain, WATCH Him Swan Dive Into Sarah’s Pool Of SMACKDOWN

Image Source: Video screen grab & Uncyclopedia.wikia. USA 4 TRUMP Compilation

Earlier today during the daily White House Press Briefing, Sarah was busy with the press pool.

One of the reporters, walked right up to the diving board, he addressed the pool, and postured one of the best swan dives ever seen, but only to land in Sarah’s pool of smack-down! (VIDEO BELOW.) 

During the briefing, the reporter suggested that Senator John McCain’s theory that President Trump had basically spear headed the Assad/Russia chemical drop on the innocent people of Syria.

The reporter began by asking, “Didn’t the President… by saying, he wants to get out of Syria, essentially, give a green light to Assad, to do this as John McCain has suggested? That the United States was leaving, was kind of pulling up and leaving it to…” as his voice trails off, Sarah steps in for the SMACK DOWN.

Warming up she says, “Look, we’re STILL there.” Then with a quizzical look on her face, she continues, “And I think it is OUTRAGEOUS to say that the President of the United States green-lit something as atrocious as the actions that have taken place over the last several days.”

Sarah continued, “the President, once again, made very clear, how he feels about those types of actions. When this took place, roughly, a year ago,” Sarah pauses, and with a look of concern for what the people who were chemically attacked had to endure, she then continued, “and we are going to continue looking at all of the options on the table currently.” (VIDEO BELOW.) 

The reporter asked again. Because they can never ask just once. Like a lays potato chip. One question is never enough.

He asked if the President was emboldening Assad and was sending a message to Assad? Sarah told him that President Trump’s message was VERY clear over the weekend and with the actions taken in the past. Click here to see Trump’s weekend messages.

WATCH VIDEO BELOW as Outrageous Mainstream Reporter Swan Dives Into Sarah’s Pool Of SMACK-DOWN over McCain theory:

Do you think Senator John McCain (AZ-R) is still filled with the green monster of jealousy because he lost his Presidential bid? 

Is this why he tries to impede the President of the United States at every turn? Drop a comment below and let us know how you think Sarah handled the reporter on the McCain theory!

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  1. Sarah tickles me. She’s like a “kindergarten” teacher herding a bunch of uneducated, undisciplined children, AND NEVER, loses her demeanor.
    John McCain’s past is scarring him, he knows his time on this earth is short and HE is afraid of the great beyond. He is not jealous, he is afraid. If HIS family ever loved him they need to shut him up instead of letting him continue to embarrass himself.

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