Lifelong Democrat SLAMS Mueller Over The Cohen Raid

Life long liberal Harvard professor, has a message for Mueller. Photo credit to US4Trump screen capturesLife long liberal Harvard professor, has a message for Mueller. Photo credit to US4Trump screen captures

Recently, Alan Dershowitz joined Sean Hannity on Fox News giving his take after the FBI raided President Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen’s office.

The President came forward saying that what occurred was ‘disgraceful’ and it’s a ‘total witch hunt.’ (Video Below)

Hannity asks Dershowitz, “What would your advice be, if I can ask you..if you were talking to the President?”

Dershowitz says, “This may be an attempt to squeeze Cohen.” He continues, “And to get him to turn against his client.” Since President Trump is Cohen’s only client, Alan Dershowitz, liberal Harvard Law professor, says “This is a very dangerous day today for lawyer-client relations.” 

Hannity then asks Dershowitz if he thinks Bob Mueller has lost perspective in this case. And Alan replies in an outstanding segment by saying, “I think he has lost perspective. And I think that happens when over zealous prosecutors are given a target.”

Dershowitz continues and gives his advice to the President, “If I were the President, I would at least seriously consider going to a Court tomorrow, seeking to have a Judge get a hold of all the lawyer-client material. And take it away from the prosecutors. And take it away from the FBI. Don’t let an FBI agent look at any of that. Have the Judge go through it. And let the Judge make the determination if there is anything in there that is lawyer-client privilege.” (Video Below)


In a follow up interview, Hannity asks Dershowitz about the lawyer-client privilege and how it will affect all of us. Hannity states, “This is where the Constitutional issue come in. This is so far beyond A) his mandate. B) by getting into the private records of the President’s private personal attorney. At that point, doesn’t that ‘back door’ Mueller?” (MORE BELOW.)

Dershowitz says, “It’s a dangerous thing to start intruding into lawyer’s offices. It will make it much harder for people to trust their lawyers, doctors, their priests, their spouses. When people will say, ‘look, even the President’s most confidential communications with his lawyer can now be searched’ just on the basis of probable cause which is a very, very low standard.”


Do you agree with Alan Dershowitz?

In closing, drop a comment below if you are shaking your head over this latest Mueller move. If you believe Mueller raided the President’s private attorney’s records in an attempt to anger the President and bring him down, let us know below in comments!