RETALIATION: Rand Paul Stomps His Foot Down & Puts The Special Counsel In Check With The American Public

Rand Paul speaks out on Mueller. Taps Mueller's action in Cohen raid as a "great overstep". Photo by US4Trump screen capture.Rand Paul speaks out on Mueller. Taps Mueller's action in Cohen raid as a "great overstep". Photo by US4Trump screen capture.

Paul Rand (KY-R) is standing in the hallowed halls of Congress just after President Trump speaks to the American people on the raid that took place on his personal attorney.

Consequently, Senator Rand interviews with Fox News. Rand is brilliant in his assessment of what the raid means to you and me. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Paul begins by saying the “First question, we ought to ask is ‘what does this have to with Russia’?” And he is correct. The answer is nothing. Absolutely nothing. Paul continues, “You know, I thought the special prosecutor was investigating Russian Collusion.” We did too, Senator.

Then Paul Rand says it, “You know, going after someone’s personal attorney is a GREAT OVERSTEP. I think, in the authority of the prosecutor.”

Additionally, he went on to explain, “This is why I have opposed, really, having special prosecutors for almost anything. Because I think they abuse their authority. So, I think Mueller has abused his authority.” That is quite an assessment. Although, it is quickly becoming obvious to everyone.

Rand continues and points out that the raid was Mueller’s idea, “And they say, well, he asked somebody else. [He asked] another U.S. Attorney to do it. Yes. But, this is coming at the behest of Mueller. So I think this investigation has nothing much to do with Russia. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Rand says, “But I would warn people around America.” He then addresses the never-Trumpers, “that say, ‘oh this is just fine because it’s against President Trump’.”

He tells the people in America who are not on President Trump’s side, “this is an enormous power that can be used against anybody. Remember what Chuck Schumer said a couple of months ago? He says that ‘If you cross the intelligence agencies. They can screw you six ways to Sunday.” And that includes Trump haters as well as Trump supporters. It includes, all of us.

Rand explains, “This is about enormous power. Prosecutorial power, but also, a power in the intelligence communities. We have to reign this in. Or every American citizen is exposed to this kind of abuse of power.” (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Do you agree that Mueller has made a GREAT overstep in his authority and power as Rand Paul says?

The Fourth Amendment states, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Please drop a comment below and let us know what you think of President Trump having his right to privacy taken away. Do you believe this affects the 4th Amendment of our Constitution? Could it affect you? Click here to read what Charlie Daniels thinks about it.

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  1. Every citizen of the United States this involves you. The invasion of Michael Cohen private property, as attorney for President Trump, your Attorney rights are just as much in jeopardy. This has nothing to do with Russian collusion. They are challenging our fourth amendment rights. mueller and his associated should be penalized. This is a sneaky attack on the fourth amendment and all American citizen rights . Privacy between Attorney/ Client . Anything and everything to get Trump . This also could happen to YOU.. Close this witchunt.

  2. You darn right this move was against everyone’s right to privicy and that includes all the people period.



  5. I am beyond angry! There should be some kind of consequences for Mueller. He just threw the whole damn constitution out the window and everyone in America should be screaming. I knew from the beginning that he wasn’t looking for Russian ties, he was looking for anything to make Trump look bad. You have ALL these democrats that have put the safety of our country in jeopardy and that moron wants to show the world that Trump had an affair with a slut. So what? Clinton got blow jobs in the White House.

  6. Yes the Presidents 4th Amendment was violated and Sessions knows it and it’s time for someone to put a stop to this abuse of Justice any way possible.

  7. Congress should have already shut Muler down…. he is a mule running a witch hunt!

    • Yvonne Plouse | April 15, 2018 at 1:15 pm |

      Why has congress not shut Mueller down? It’s past time and is making USA look stupid!

  8. Rosenstein, Mueller, his entire team & anyone with connections to the democratic party should be fired & charged with conspiracy to commit treason.

  9. Enough is enough!!! When are we going after Clinton & her gang of robbers! Also wasn’t Moller involved in on the sale of our 20% uranium to the Russian’s. Why is he involved with anything to do with the president? What’s going on in Washington?

  10. THIS is *absolutely* a breech of 4th Amendment, as Mueller has blinders on to everything but the Bull’s Eye on POTUS Trumps back, even to the exclusion, or perhaps *providing* exclusion of all other crimes his cronyism has had on vast display over decades of CROOKED Deep State investiture! “Ignore it & it will go away” Mentality has yet to work, long term, as Qmerica is watching!

  11. WHY do we need an investigation?? Let them produce the warrant (which apparently doesn’t exist) or go directly to jail!!!!

  12. Rand Paul is right this is a threat to all Americans

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