Nunes Combs Out Swamp Rats’ Dirty Little Tricks & Blasts Them Across The Airwaves

Nunes on Sean Hannity Show regarding Comey's "tell all" book. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation.Nunes on Sean Hannity Show regarding Comey's "tell all" book. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation.

Former FBI agent, James Comey is going around the Nation on a media blitz tour for his “tell-all” book. Meanwhile, his reputation is taking an even bigger hit. And Nunes is not hesitating to call him out!

Several of his statements have been proven false at minimum. And of greater concern, are the many inconsistencies of what Comey is saying compared to his testimony while under oath to Congress months ago.

Did they lie to a FISA court? 

Last night, Devin Nunes (R- CA) spoke on the Sean Hannity Show. He spoke about the dossier being used as the basis for the entire witch hunt and the appointment of the special counsel.

Hannity asks Devin about the unverified dossier. And Nunes replies, “The irony here is quite frankly hard to believe. Some of the language that James Comey uses like ‘It’s certainly possible that the Russians have information on Trump.'” Devin continues, “Well, it’s certainly possible that the Russians could have information on Comey.” Nunes points out that they could have information on Hillary Clinton or “all kinds of people” too.

This is important, because the dossier was used in the FISA court as the basis of the entire appointment of the special counsel investigation. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Additionally, Nunes points out, “In the interview, Comey talks about President Trump’s reaction to the dossier.” Also, Nunes says that Comey discusses “why he didn’t tell that President who paid for the dossier.”

And for the record, Nunes goes on to say, “Nor was that divulged to Congress” when the dossier was revealed to them. Nunes lays out that “although Congress was told that the dossier was not verified. They did not tell Congress that it was paid for by the democratic party.”

Devin says, “I would have spit out my coffee, and started laughing. But secondly, we would have walked out of there, and said ‘what in the hell are you guys doing? You’re bringing us dirt that the Hillary Clinton campaign paid for and you guys have been using this? And you’re now presenting it to us, as to why you have concerns about the Trump campaign?'” (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Hannity goes on to say, “this is the biggest abuse of power I have ever seen in my life.”

President Trump tweets hours ago about the subject!

“Slippery James Comey, the worst FBI Director in history, was not fired because of the phony Russia investigation where, by the way, there was NO COLLUSION (except by the Dems)!”


Do you think James Comey is doing himself any favors by writing a book and then trying to peddle it to the American people?

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