While Driving In Florida, Pres Trump Looked Out His Window Witnessing A Miracle

President Trump warmly greeted by Key West "conchs" for NASKeyWest. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with right-theapopkavoice/left-politiciandirect.President Trump warmly greeted by Key West "conchs" for NASKeyWest. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with right-theapopkavoice/left-politiciandirect.

From sea to shining sea! POTUS has been busy. And this weekend, President Trump flew into Florida and journeyed to Key West. Key West is home to the most southern point in our Nation!

While there, POTUS was given a welcome that was SO warm and kind. It was a greeting as BIG as the hearts of the Key West long time locals who affectionately call themselves, “conchs” after the sea shell! (VIDEO TWEET BELOW.)

The crowd that greeted POTUS was phenomenal and it touched POTUS’s heart so he tweets to his Key West friends! In his message he says, “Fantastic crowd and great people yesterday in Key West, Florida. Thank you!”

But…what was POTUS doing in Key West, Florida? POTUS makes remarks at the Task Force on drugs and trafficking! 

POTUS tweets, “Just arrived ! Heading to a briefing with the Joint Interagency Task Force South, NORTHCOM and SOUTHCOM.” (See  video tweet below.)

At the speech, President Trump speaks to the crowd who defend our boarders and says, “Well, I want to thank our great military leaders. This was an education. We’re talking about drugs and stopping these drugs and other things — human trafficking and so many other forms of trafficking.” (Continued below.)

POTUS thanks everyone who helps to STOP drugs and trafficking from coming into our country. He thanks, Secretary Nielsen. And says, “You’re doing a fantastic job.”

POTUS continues. “It is a very tough situation. You look at the thousands and thousands of people that are going in 15 different directions from different countries, using the Pacific, using the Caribbean, using everything they can use to get through. But you have done, really, an incredible job.”

President Trump then gives a hat tip to the military, the Coast Guard and everybody for their hard work in securing our southern most border in Key West, Florida.

President Trump continues and then he says it! “Drugs are flowing into our country. [And] we need border protection. WE NEED THE WALL. WE HAVE TO HAVE THE WALL.” 

Then without hesitating he discusses the “other” side of this great Nation. California! He says, “The Democrats don’t want to approve a wall because they think it’s good politically, but it’s not.”

Additionally, in his common sense way, Pres Trump says, “Looking at what’s happening in California with sanctuary cities where the people are really going the opposite way. They don’t want sanctuary cities.

And there’s a little bit of a revolution going on in California.” And POTUS is right about that. In closing, President Trump once again thanked everyone for all of their hard work! See full White House transcript here.

President Trump arrives to Key West, Florida.

If you missed President Trump in Key West, Florida. He will be in Washington, Michigan at the end of the month. President Trump tweets an invitation, “Join me in Washington, Michigan on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at 7:00pm! Tickets: “. Click here to reserve your spot for the rally or check his event schedule.

Have you been to a Donald J. Trump rally? Either before or after he became President? We would love to hear your story! Even if you have not yet gone and would like to try and make a rally in the future! Drop a comment below and let us know where you saw him or would like to see him!

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  1. I sure did make it to his rallies, I was so excited, it was great and in Pennsylvania, as big as that state ,and as much as Obama criticized the people, everyone acted with CLASS,it was great

  2. Wendy laughter | April 22, 2018 at 9:19 am |

    Since 2016 I have wanted nothing more than to go to a rally my circumstances financially and Mobility but whether I’m there for real or not I’m there with you all the way buddy

  3. Eileen P. M. Campbell | April 22, 2018 at 11:47 am |

    Our President DJT is doing a fantastic job under the worst possible circumstances…we pray for him and his successes. The “resist” people orchestrated by HRC, BHO, and Soros will fail, but we must be constantly vigilant, and get even MORE of us to the polls in 11/18. They must be defeated so our POTUS can return our Republic to us. #MAGA. #BUILD THAT WALL NOW. Godspeed, Mr. President.
    Can you imagine if POTUS is able to bring NoKo to heel? It would be the greatest foreign policy achievement in the history of our Republic! God speed, President Trump.

  4. President Trump neeeds to come to Oregon and address Kate brown for taking contributions from Soros!

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