Joe DiGenova Knocks Mueller Right Off His Broom With One Question Bob Won’t Answer

Source: Fox News

Joe DiGenova just knocked Bob Mueller off his broom and put his Russia witch hunt in peril.  Look, after all this time they need to put up or shut up and go public with what they have.

If they have nothing, as it seems they do, they should tell the American people and end this witch hunt once and for all.

If they have something, they need to say so and let the chips fall where they may.

At least according to a former Federal prosecutor, Joe DiGenova who just asked a key question of Bob Mueller and Mueller’s silence is telling.

From Fox News:

A former federal prosecutor said the Mueller probe into alleged Russian collusion is a “fraud” after the lawyer purportedly at the center of the case said she has yet to be contacted by investigators.

Former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Joe diGenova said reports that Natalia Veselnitskaya has not been contacted by Robert Mueller or his team shows the stated purpose of the former FBI director’s investigation into President Trump is unfounded and “a fraud.”

Correct. If this was legitimate Mueller would have interviewed her right?

After all, she is the key player in this sordid drama. So not even talking to her exposes Mueller and his witch hunt for what it really is.

A fraud with more holes than swiss cheese and it is time to end this false probe and put this false narrative to rest.

Hillary lost because she deserved to lose. Plain and simple.

It was an election against the establishment who sold us out on so many occasions.  And Hillary was the most establishment candidate in the history if the United States.

She was part of the NAFTA scam that decimated middle America and the left thought we would forget?

No, we did not and that, not Russia, is why Hillary lost – because we remember who she is and who she was and no amount of flip-flopping (TPP) could change that.

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  1. Mueller should put up or shut up.

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