What Kanye West Just Admitted About Trump Will Go Down In History As Day Liberals Got Humiliated

Source: Youtube

Hollywood liberals just got served by their favorite son and it is humiliating. Kanye West – Kanye West folks, just admitted the truth about President Trump for all the world to see.

And the radical left can’t stand it.

They have been blinded by Trump hate so badly they literally wouldn’t know the truth came and bit them on the behind.

They are so easily brainwashed by the clowns at MSNBC and CNN that they have forgotten how to think for themselves.

But after Kanye West just admitted that he loved President Donald Trump and celebrities on the right embraced him, Hollywood needs to start speaking the truth about Trump.

Look, if Trump keeps it up (North Korea, China, jobs) he will go down as one of the all time greats.

From Newsweek:

West wrote glowingly of anti-Black Lives Matter commentator Candace Owens on Twitter, saying that he likes the way she thinks. Then, on Monday, he posted not one or two—but nine—different video clips of Dilbert-creator turned pro-Trump self-help guru Scott Adams. Also on Monday, West apparently reaffirmed his love of Trump on multiple occasions in a conversation with radio host Ebro Darden.

This proves again that the side with the open minds who are not afraid of real thought is not the left. And you just know they will never forgive Kanye West for humiliating them.