Jim Jordan Drops Nuke Bomb On Russian Collusion And It’s All Over Save Comey’s Jail Sentence

Jim Jordan just confirmed James Comey’s worst nightmare on national television and Comey is going to have a long time to think about his crimes.

A long time behind bars of the closest Federal prison if Jordan is correct.

Jordan said:

“James Comey never told Congress that he wasn’t just leaking this information through a friend to The New York Times. This friend was a special government employee [who] had access to the FBI. We presume he had full clearance, so he didn’t disclose that.”

“The only way we learned about Daniel Richman having this special government employee status at the FBI is when we deposed Jim Rybicki, James Comey’s chief of staff, in December…That’s where the staff on the Oversight Committee learned that he, in fact, had this special status at the FBI and was, in fact, an employee.”

“The American people are so fed up with these two standards, one standard for us regular folk and different standards if your name is Clinton, Comey, Loretta Lynch, [Lois] Lerner…This is what should concern Mr. Comey. He has been fired. [former Deputy FBI Director] Andrew McCabe has been fired for lying four times, three times under oath. Jim Baker, former chief counsel has been demoted and reassigned at the FBI. Peter Strzok, deputy head of counter intelligence. Lisa page, FBI counsel, demoted and reassigned. These are the top people at the FBI. That’s what he should be concerned about.”

“A leak is when you take information and give it to the press.”

Correct. And leaking classified information is a crime punishable by a long jail sentence. Get used to it Comey, your time is about up.