Joe diGenova Comes Forward, Ruins What’s Left Of James Comey’s Reputation

Former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova just gave James Comey a devastating new nickname and ruined what’s left of his reputation.

It’s about time – good work Joe.

Joe diGenova, as he explained on Hannity last night, said if the top cop is dirty the whole investigation stinks and has to end.

From Fox News:

Joe diGenova said fired FBI Director James Comey is a “dirty cop” who conspired to “illegally exonerate Hillary Clinton.”

“The dirty cop is in deep trouble,” diGenova, who served as U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, said.

DiGenova said Comey “engaged in a conspiracy to illegally exonerate Hillary Clinton and then frame Donald Trump and Trump associates with crimes.”

“[Comey] illegally disclosed classified information to people who were unauthorized to receive it,” he said, referring to news that the former FBI director’s memos were shared out more widely than previously thought.

DiGenova said Comey’s memos purporting to detail his meetings with President Donald Trump and otherwise are “a rather lengthy suicide note.”


Look, it is time for the witches to return to Salem and cast a new spell.