Giuliani Torches Mueller’s Investigation And Sets It Ablaze

Image credit to US4Trump enhancements with screen captures.Image credit to US4Trump enhancements with screen captures.

In an explosive interview, Rudy Giuliani, personal Attorney to President Trump, tears up the internet with TRUTH BOMBS about the Mueller investigation.

Giuliani lays down the Mueller probe claiming it has lost it’s power, and that it is a “tainted investigation.”

Rudy Giuliani appears on a BLOCKBUSTER interview with Sean Hannity last night:

Hannity begins asking about the probe and if the President will be subpoenaed. Rudy responds, “Do they have the power to subpoena? I think they’ve lost that power. I think this a completely tainted investigation.”

Hannity then asks him to explain.

Giuliani obliges by saying, “You have an investigation in which Mueller is turned down for FBI Director, by Rod Rosenstein, who was there when Mueller was turned down. (VIDEO BELOW.)

He continues, “There are thousands of people who could have been selected for that job. [Who is] also a friend of James Comey. And, he seems to be the core of their investigation.”

And this folks, is where it gets HOT, HOT, HOT.

The attorney to the President says, “I know James Comey. And, I know the President. Sorry Jim. You’re a liar. A disgraceful liar. Every FBI agent in America has his head down.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Watch the video below.

“Rudy Giuliani on @Comey: “Sorry Jim, you’re a liar. A disgraceful liar.” #Hannity


Do you agree with Giuliani that the Mueller probe is tainted?