Sarah Sanders Just Shut Down Michelle Wolf INSTANTLY In One FIERY SENTENCE

Thursday morning, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders came forward responding to the shameful attacks against her at the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday night from Michelle Wolf.

Sarah responded with dignity and pure class, but took Wolf to the woodshed. (Video Below)

In a brief interview with Fox and Friends Thursday morning, Sarah gave her reaction when asked by Ainsley Earhardt.

Ainsley applauded Sarah for the way she handled the situation like a BOSS undaunted, and expressed her apologizes stating that there was no excuse for the way she was treated.

Ainsley pointed out that “women should support other women.”

Sarah, the smart and beautiful woman she is reacted with the perfect response, sustaining absolute class that shines through her, where she bestows at the White House and everywhere she goes. (Video Below)

Sarah shut down Michelle Wolf instantly in one fiery sentence. “That evening says a whole lot more about her [Michelle Wolf] than it does about me.” Sarah said.

She continued, “The people that were my friends before that evening are my friends today.” 

“I hope that she can find the same happiness that we all have, because I think she may need a little more of that in her life because the rest of us here are doing great.” Sarah added. (Video Below)

Watch Sarah’s classy response below:

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