Devin Nunes Drops Another BOMBSHELL That Proves Comey Is Lying, Flynn Is Innocent

Devin Nunes, General Flynn, James Comey via Fox Screen Grab, YouTube Screen Grab, CSPAN Screen Grab and US4Trump Compilation

On Friday, Devin Nunes appeared on Laura Ingraham’s show to discuss current revelations that have surfaced in regards to ongoing investigations.

Ingraham first brought up Federal Judge Ellis’s remarks to Mueller’s team during the Manafort hearing, where he suggested their investigation has stretched outside the scope of the Mueller authority and chastised them over it. (Full Details Here) Nunes said, “I was astonished by the comments the judge made today, although it’s not surprising.” Nunes said everything about Mueller’s investigation has “gone off the rails” and then dropped a major bomb in relation to Mueller’s investigation. See Video Below

On Friday, Nunes obtained what he calls “two pages” related to the investigation into General Michael Flynn that he has been working on getting for some time.

And what is in those documents, according to Nunes, shows concrete proof that Former FBI Director James Comey, who was a key facilitator of the Special Counsel, is currently lying to the public. Nunes said in regards to the two pages he finally gained access to:

” We now know that Comey and McCabe did, in fact, say that General Flynn…the agents that interviewed General Flynn…didn’t think he was lying. Now we listen to Mr. Comey over the last three weeks run around saying just the opposite.”

So you have the judge saying they’re lying, that the Mueller’s team is lying. You now have the case where we know now that Mr. Comey has been lying out there publicly. This continues to just, I think…it’s bewildering, quite frankly.” Video Below


BOOM! Nunes has proof Comey is lying! The Witch Hunt should have never been authorized in the first place! Continued Below

Nunes is right. We can’t go a single day without some kind of new crazy detail being discovered that shows the entire Mueller investigation is based on lies and deception. And it looks to a deeply thought out, CROOKED plot to oust President Trump.

Many Americans wish it would all go away and think President Trump should fire the Special Counsel, but apparently it looks like they’re going to hang themselves. Especially after Judge Ellis’s latest a rude awakening.

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