Judicial Watch Uncovers MONSTER Soros Scheme That Puts Every American’s Life At Risk

Chris Farrell and George Soros via Judicial Watch Screen Grab, Pinterest and US4Trump Compilation

Judicial Watch, America’s watch dog group made an amazing discovery! Kudos go to Chris Farrell who is the Director of Investigations and Research!

Hold onto your hats, you are NOT going to believe the amount of treachery created by a Soros funded smartphone application for illegal immigrants. And worse, American tax payer dollars go to the deal! (VIDEO BELOW.)

The smartphone application assists illegals by avoiding American law enforcement. 

Fox Business News reports: “Billionaire investor George Soros is reportedly funding a smartphone app to help illegal immigrants avoid federal immigration authorities. The group behind the app, Notifica (Notify), is called United We Dream and was founded by an organization that receives funding from U.S. taxpayers.”

Moreover in a tweet from Bud, he says, “A George Soros-funded smartphone app is meant to explicitly help illegal immigrants evade federal authority. Judicial Watch called it pretty outrageous.” To escape arrest, the app “sends notice to their friends and family, it alerts their attorney.” See tweet below.

Chris Farrell interviews with Lou Dobbs, and brings this crime to light! Lou begins by letting us know that United We Stand is a Soros group that also receives two-hundred thousand dollars in Federal grant money! THAT is outrageous. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Additionally, Chris tell us that it is a crime because it falls under “Aiding and abetting an unlawful person into the United States.” Specifically, Chris references the law code number,  8 USC 1327.

WATCH the video below:

See tweet below:

Furthermore, United We Dream, in part, a tax payer funded group, has been around for ten years. On twitter, they have over eighty thousand followers. The latest posts ask their followers to report immigration agents in their area.That is outrageous. Also, there are fundraising posts for DACA renewals.

In ending, do you think prosecutions will happen over this smartphone application? Do you think it’s outrageous that our tax payer money is going to this Soros inspired organization? Then please CONTACT your Congressmen! Your voice matters! Click here for information.