Former Attorney General PICKS APART The Bitter Fruit Of The Special Counsel’s Beginning

Mukasey, former AG, comes out swinging regarding how the special counsel began on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. Image Source: Video Screen Shots. US4TRUMPMukasey, former AG, comes out swinging regarding how the special counsel began on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. Image Source: Video Screen Shots. US4TRUMP

Earlier today, former Attorney General, Judge Michael Mukasey joins Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures and weighed in on how the Mueller investigation got started.

Judge Mukasey served as Attorney General under George W. Bush. And, he discussed how the special counsel started in a flawed way. (VIDEO BELOW.)

“The bitter fruit of this investigation was launched initially in a flawed way.” – Judge Mukasey 

Mukasey lays down the key components of why the special counsel is operating potentially in an unlawful manner. And the only way to define if the special counsel is operating fairly, is by seeing the original MEMO which has been released to no-one in an unredacted format.

Judge T.S. Ellis in the Manafort case has asked to see the MEMO. Additionally, Judge Ellis has given the Mueller team two weeks to produce the memo. Recently, Judge Dabney Friedrich also asked to see it. Click to read more about that here and here. And the HIC – House Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed the Department of Justice for the MEMO as well. Click here to read about that.

Mukasey tells us WHY it’s so important to see the MEMO. He says, “regulations require, in order  to have a special counsel, there has to be a finding that there is a criminal case to be investigated. A criminal case, it has to be. AND that there is conflict, some other good reason why the Justice Department can’t do it.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

The former Attorney General continues and tells Maria during the interview, “And under those circumstances, what the Attorney General or whoever is acting for him, in this case, the Deputy [Rod Rosenstein], is obligated to do. Is to tell the Special Counsel, what the crime is and to put forth a specific set of facts.”

He says, “the MEMO that was originally drafted, appointing Robert Mueller, says that you were to follow up questions of Russian involvement in the election. As testified to by James Comey on a particular date before the House Intelligence Subcommittee.”

The Judge continue, “what he [James Comey] testified to was NOT a criminal investigation! It was a counter-intelligence investigation.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Furthermore, he states, “So right from the get go to say you’re authorized to pursue THAT investigation is FLAWED.

In ending, Mukasey says, “Apparently, Rod Rosenstein realized that at some point later in the game. And CHANGED THE MEMO! Put in an additional MEMO. Supposedly, specifying what was being investigated and what the crime was. But we haven’t been allowed to see that.”

WATCH BELOW as former Attorney General Mukasey picks apart the Russia probe’s legitimacy! 

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