Joe diGenova Just Dropped The Other Shoe On Mueller’s Clown Show That Will End His Circus

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On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Former Trump personal attorney Joe diGenova appeared for an explosive interview.

diGenova put Mueller’s phony case into perspective. (Video Below) 

diGenova said that President Donald Trump is not likely to give the Mueller team an interview because the FBI’s probe is “no longer a good faith investigation.”

President Trump has indicated on several occasions that he would like to sit down with Mueller to clear things up once and for all, but his lawyers have advised against it. New Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani suggested that an interview might be possible, but that it would be limited in both scope and time.

However on Sunday, diGenova told Wallace that recent developments have revealed the Mueller investigation to be in “bad faith.”

(Video Below)

Joe diGenova laid down the hammer saying:

“The president will not sit down for an interview because this investigation has now reached the level of bad faith, this is no longer a good faith investigation.”


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