ROUND TWO: Mueller Suffers More Humiliation After Another Judge SLAMS The Gavel On Him

Second rebuke of Bob Mueller's special counsel by a Federal Judge. Image credit to US4Trump compilation of CSPAN, YouTube screen shots.Second rebuke of Bob Mueller's special counsel by a Federal Judge. Image credit to US4Trump compilation of CSPAN, YouTube screen shots.

Does anyone recall the 13 Russian trolls who supposedly caused election interference? And Mueller’s special counsel found it necessary to ensure they were on the record for causing chaos and throwing the election away from Hillary Clinton? And so Mueller wasted tax payer dollars to indict foreigners?

Never-mind, that the American people voted Donald J. Trump in as President with a landslide electoral college victory! But according to Mueller et al,  American’s were all influenced by 13 low-level Russian trolls on the internet. And this is completely insulting to Trump voters. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Well, well, well. Look who gets the last laugh! A Second Federal Judge in as many days rebukes the Mueller Special Counsel team. 

On Fox and Friends this morning, another blockbuster story broke in the wee hours! Pete Hegseth opens with, “Yet another District Judge rejects what the Mueller team is trying to do. The Judges name is Dabney Friedrich. A D.C. District Judge. You remember…those 13 Russians and three Russian companies that were indicted by Bob Mueller?”

Pete continues to tell what happens, “Well, it turns out…one of those companies actually got representation. They got a couple of lawyers to represent them. No-one expected that to happen. Because when you indict Russians who live in Russia you expect them to say, ‘we don’t abide by your laws at all.’

But as Pete explains, “In this case, the company came before the court. And said ‘Okay, we get discovery. We get to hear what’s going on, too.'” Then Pete said, “Then Mueller team asked for more time!” And the Judge said, ‘No, you don’t get more time!'”  (VIDEO BELOW.)

Furthermore, it is discovered in the segment that the Mueller team is asking for time because the Judge is asking for more evidence!

Additionally, the hosts continue, “and the Mueller team is like ‘we need a few more weeks, we need more time to gather all of this.'” Which arguably is laughable. More time to collect the evidence they never had in the first place?

Fox and Friends continues, “and remember there’s a Federal Judge just the other day saying: ‘you have unfettered power. You don’t really want Paul Manafort, you just want to get the President. To either impeach him or come up with some kind of charges.’ So this is the second rebuke within just a couple of days.” Click here to read about Judge T.S. Ellis’ first rebuke.  (VIDEO BELOW.)


“Mueller’s Russian troll farm indictment could face an ‘embarrassing dismissal’ after yet another judge questions his scope.”

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