Bill O’Reilly Discovers Easy Way To Shut Up Stormy And Silence Lawyer Avenatti For Good

Image Source: US4Trump

Most Americans have many questions about the Stormy Daniels and faithful sidekick lawyer Avenatti show since the whole fiasco hit the media.

The media, of course, loves it – can’t get enough of the show.

Literally, they have Michael Avenatti on, it seems like every single hour on both CNN and MSNBC.

It has been one of, if not the low point for the media in the past two years.

Imagine, dragging this fake scandal no one cares about across the front pages every single day.

After Stormy went on Saturday Night Live to join the growing list of failed celebrities who use that platform to bash Trump, Bill O’Reilly had enough. (Read more below)

Bill is right, and if the media has any decency left the Stormy and Avenatti show will be canceled. Bill said:

“There is something wrong in this country when a person like Stormy Daniels can go on a national TV program and be applauded by a live audience.

What exactly are these people celebrating? (Read more below)

It doesn’t matter whether you approve of President Trump or not.  He’s currently in charge of the country, and Ms. Daniels is making his job much harder.  And for what? Could it be money? She’s already been paid for her alleged tryst, but apparently wants more cash and notoriety. Again, why is that worthy of applause?

Americans knew about Donald Trump’s social resume when the election was held. What we didn’t know was the intensity of the media hatred toward the man. That loathing has emboldened people to attack the President on every level. Is this also something to be applauded? Is this a good thing for America?”