Matt Gaetz Makes Hilarious Joke About Obama That Will Mock Barack’s Legacy For Rest Of Time

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Obama was always looking towards his legacy rather than at the present moment. His ego got the best of him, time and again, with predictable results.

So he is left hoping history will forget his blunders and time will repair his legacy.

Obama won’t get his wish if Matt Gaetz has anything to do about it.

He really puts Obama’s legacy in proper perspective in speech below, doesn’t he?

And it’s hilarious…

From Breitbart:

“It must be very embarrassing for the political left and the mainstream media that Dennis Rodman conducted more diplomacy in North Korea than the Obama administration ever did,” Gaetz said. “And here we’ve got President Trump delivering results. So, let’s check the scoreboard. Under Obama administration, we put five terrorists back on the battlefield to get the deserter Beau Bergdahl back.”

“Here in the last week, President Trump takes them off the battlefield,” he continued. “At the same time, We’re bringing home three Americans. So if you look at the results, if you look at the scoreboard, President Trump has America winning. And, that is not something we were used to over last eight years.”

Correct. Do you agree with Matt?