PAYBACK: After Attacking Trump At Event, Crooked H Got SLAMMED With Instant Karma

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Saturday on Fox and Friends, Dr. Sebastian Gorka responded to Hillary Clinton’s latest attacks against President Trump.

Clinton’s latest remarks come after the President pulled out of Iran deal. (Video Below)

Hillary was speaking at an event in Melbourne, Australia where she claimed that “pulling out the Iran deal will make it harder to negotiate with North Korea or anyone else.” She then went on to say that pulling out of the agreement makes America “less safe, less trusted, and Iran more dangerous.”

“It would be more harder a second time, now that our credibility is shot,” Hillary declared.

Gorka weighed in on Hillary’s remarks putting her to shame.

(Video Below)

Gorka stated that “Hillary needs to seek professional medical assistance, and that she lives in a paranoid alternate universe.” He continued, and served her a dose of instant Karma:

“Hillary Clinton was the WORST Secretary of State we have ever had!”

“From that plastic reset button that she took to Russia and the distastes in Libya.” Gorka declared. (Video Below)

Gorka went in for the kill shot when he made her and the democrats look like the fools they are. What he said next will have them crying.

“We are a Republic. We are a democracy in the form of a Republic. Which means…YOU GET TO CHOOSE YOUR PRESIDENT EVERY FOUR YEARS. It does not mean you have to do what the last President said. That would be a dictatorship. Does she [Hillary] not know how this system works?”

He mocked Hillary saying, “The idea that Obama said something….therefore, for the rest of eternity, it must be so. This is not Maoist, China! If the deal is bad, you change it. And, that is what the President did.”


Watch Gorka drop the hammer:

To see the video that Dr. Gorka was referencing about Maxine Waters, READ HERE.

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