Right After Whoopi Calls For Trump’s Waterboarding, CIA Interrogator Takes Her To Woodshed

Whoopi challenges POTUS to waterboard. Image credit to US4Trump compilation from The View Screen Shot and Fox Screen Shot.Whoopi challenges POTUS to waterboard. Image credit to US4Trump compilation from The View Screen Shot and Fox Screen Shot.

Dr. James Mitchell, “who helped develop the CIA’s enhanced interrogation program” including waterboarding responds to Whoopi’s call to challenge “President Trump to be waterboarded.”

Can you imagine, Whoopi saying, “Remember how the Gentleman in the White House talked about torture on the campaign trail? What I would like to say is: I would like YOU to try it.(VIDEO BELOW.)

Whoopi doesn’t stop at telling the President that he should be waterboarded.

Whoopi continues, “People who have actually been tortured, who are saying this is not a good thing. You should listen to THAT. ‘Cause YOU have never been tortured and neither has Dick Cheney.”

The Fox host, then introduces the man who not only helped create the interrogation program but actually “interrogated the 9-11 planner, Felipe Sheikh Mohammed.”

And this is what Dr. James Mitchell said after he was asked, “What do you make of Whoopi’s comments and how they reflect the media’s view of what YOU had to do to keep our Country safe?”

Dr. James Mitchell replies:

“Well, honestly who cares what Whoopi Goldberg thinks? You know, I’m tempted just to completely dismiss it. But on second thought. Maybe she can show us how it’s done. The next time there is a credible intelligence of another catastrophic attack with the potential to kill thousands of people in the United States maybe she can go to some unsafe place in the world and interrogate the terrorists. And I’ll stay back home. I’ll stay safe with my family. And I’ll criticize her like she criticizes us.”

Mitchell then gets to the heart of the matter, and says, “I think what she’s doing really is value signaling.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

See the Fox News tweet with video: 

Dr. Mitchell also mentions that waterboarding was tried by high level government officials. And although uncomfortable, it was not, to them, torture.  Watch the video for more. 

Dr. James Mitchell: “Honestly, who cares what Whoopi Goldberg thinks?”

BOOM! From the man who helped develop the program. Let’s see if Whoopi can think of a better way. Maybe she can and maybe she can’t. But one Patriotic American took a try at it. TommyD tweets: “Instead of waterboarding: Make terrorists watch THE VIEW.”


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