BRUTAL PAYBACK: Nunes & Gowdy Ground Pound Swamp Creatures Like Whack-A-Moles

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Nunes and Gowdy the power team on the congressional oversight committees are back in business and fighting swamp creatures with TRUTH. This time they are going up against the leftist media machine!

This weekend, the New York Times wrote a piece on a congressional oversight committee staffer. And attacked him and his credibility with yet another, “anonymous” source. (MORE BELOW.)

Nunes and Gowdy are having NO PART OF IT. 

The dynamic duo are telling the truth to the falsehoods stated in the NYT article which should be filed under “fiction.”

Nunes, in an exclusive power statement to Fox News, states: “Attacking staffers, planting false stories, and endangering national security by leaking sensitive information to the press, including information about intelligence sources – this is what the DOJ is doing.” –  House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif. 

And Gowdy says: “I would have a lot more respect for DOJ or House committee Democrats if they would take out their frustrations on members of Congress, and leave staffers alone. The members make the final decision and are responsible for them, not staffers.” (MORE BELOW.)

So what was the New York Times piece all about? Seemingly, an “anonymous” source spreads a falsehood that a congressional investigator flew across the pond to meet with Christopher Steele. Implying collusion of some sort. Which could not be farther from the actual truth.

The exclusive Fox News report by Catherine Herridge and contributor Alex Pappas states:

“Nunes and Gowdy were reacting to a weekend New York Times report that cited anonymous sources in detailing growing tension between the parties, amid a contentious request for records involving an individual and intelligence reporting that may have been used for the Russia case, as well as in obtaining surveillance warrants. (Fox exclusive continued below.)

The story that Kash flew to London to meet with Christopher Steele is false. No matter how many times it’s reported,” House Intelligence Committee staff director Damon Nelson said.

Nelson said he asked Patel and another staffer to try to make contact with Steele’s lawyer. As part of an effort to obtain an address to send Steele an invitation to testify to the committee.

Anonymous DOJ officials who imply to reporters that Kash has ever been dishonest about this are spreading an outright falsehood,” Nelson said. “If the anonymous DOJ officials want the truth, they can talk to me.”

In a statement to Fox News, Nunes backed up Patel as an “absolutely crucial committee investigator who’s always two steps ahead of the DOJ.”

“In fact we suspect his effectiveness is exactly why the DOJ are launching anonymous attacks on him in the press,” Nunes said.” h/t Fox News

Are you thrilled to see Devin Nunes (CA-R) and Trey Gowdy (SC-R) tell the dishonest swamp media, the TRUTH? Is it good to see media falsehoods STOPPED before people start believing the NYT swamp lies? Let’s all give the dynamic duo a THANK YOU!