Fmr San Fran Mayor Delivers Ruthless Message That Has Pelosi & Co. Gagging On Caviar Mayor Willie Brown speaks out about POTUS's rising popularity. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation.

Thank you, Willie Brown! Former Mayor of San Francisco wrote an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle entitled “Trump is more popular than Dems want to admit.” Talk about telling it like it is!

Now, if we can only get the other Brown from California, Governor Jerry Brown, to admit it! However, he won’t and because of it the Republican’s will be sitting pretty for the 2018 mid terms! (MORE BELOW.)

Let the Californian’s continue to bash Trump. It seems to be helping President Trump’s base grow! 

In a forthright op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle last week, the former Mayor states a lot of honest truth. He says, “It’s time for the Democrats to stop bashing President Trump.” And here is why, “Like it or not, a significant number of Americans are actually happy these days.”

Brown continues, “They are making money. They feel safe, and they agree with the president’s protectionist trade policies, his call for more American jobs, even his immigration stance. The jobs growth reports, the North Korea summit and the steady economy are beating out the Stormy Daniels scandal and the Robert Mueller investigation in Middle America, hands down.”

And he’s right! The President’s popularity has been soaring, and more and more democrats are approving of President Donald Trump! Click here to check out the latest Gallup polls. (MORE BELOW.)

But having the Democrats stop ridiculing POTUS might be a tougher road than anticipated. It seems most of them are doubling down on their hatred. Click here to read about how Nancy went off the deep end with her latest wild false rumor!

Willie said in order to get the Democrats to stop bashing Trump that “it might even mean checking into a 12-step program.” Yes. Exactly. A 12-step program for TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)!

Fox News tweets, “Former San Francisco Mayor Calls for End of Dems’ Trump-Bashing: ‘Might Need 12-Step Program'” (TWEET BELOW.)

See tweet below: 

Are you glad to see President Trump doing so well? And are you planning to get out and VOTE in the 2018 mid terms for the House and Senate so the Republican majority continues to rule?