Dems Set For Mid-Term Failure After Tucker Annihilates Them On Live TV

Tucker fries the Dem party on mid-term platform for supporting MS-13. Image credits to US4Trump compilation. Fox/CSPAN/BBC Screen Shots.Tucker fries the Dem party on mid-term platform for supporting MS-13. Image credits to US4Trump compilation. Fox/CSPAN/BBC Screen Shots.

Tucker addresses the left’s hysteria over POTUS’ comment on MS-13 gang members saying, “These aren’t people. They’re animals.” After ripping the left on how they are helping the Republican’s for mid-terms, Tucker has his own throw down and responds, “By 2020, defending MS-13 will be on Dem platform.”

The left media is hard at work letting us know the American people are NOT smart enough to figure out that President Trump was NOT referring to an entire race of people. (MORE BELOW.)

Maybe it is because the mainstream media are showcasing spots like this commentator on MSNBC who said, “He [President Trump] basically seems to assume that everyone is part of MS-13.”

Seriously? Does the left media really think Pres Trump became a billionaire because he thinks ALL Hispanics are MS-13 members?

Another commentator on Fox says, “Clearly, the President wants a war against Latinos.” It is difficult to believe with the mid-terms looming that Latinos want to defend the MS-13 gangs in America. But, hey, it works to the Republican’s advantage!

Clearly, the commentators have not listened to the Immigration meeting where President Trump discusses America’s safety regarding MS-13 gang members in America. (WATCH THE IMMIGRATION MEETING VIDEO BELOW.) 

“Normal people don’t defend murderers, but the Democratic Party is defending MS-13,” Tucker states. He then continues, “That’s not a wise strategy heading into [mid-term] elections because normal people are not going to go for that.”

Also, Tucker found a two-year old commentary by Anna Navarro regarding Trump where she called him an animal! According to The Hill, referring to Trump, she said, “He should drop out of the human race! He’s an animal! Apologizes to animals.”

And Tucker’s response is: “Apparently, President Trump deserves to be dehumanized more than MS-13, a gang that butchers high schoolers with machetes.” (VIDEO BELOW.) 

“MS-13 may run drugs, commit murder, and terrorize entire immigrant communities. But they don’t ask questions about diversity so that’s okay. And that’s the highest crime you can commit according to the left now,” Tucker continued.

And Tucker wants to know who’s idea it was to go into the mid-terms with the left defending MS-13 members. Was it Pelosi? Maybe Schumer or Sanders? Or was it Anna Navarro?

WATCH Tucker segment in FULL: 

WATCH! POTUS is in an immigration meeting. He denounces the MS-13 gangs entering the United States and committing heinous crimes.

What do you think about the left media taking Trump’s comment about MS-13 out of context? And raise it to the next level by trying to characterize him as a racist? In ending, leave a reply in comments and hit the subscribe button below!