New Information About Trump Campaign Spy Exposes Yet Another FBI Lie

Image credit to: US 4Trump compilation with White House Screen Grab, Hannity Screen Grab.Image credit to: US 4Trump compilation with White House Screen Grab, Hannity Screen Grab.

Last week, it went public that there was an informant in the Trump campaign. The informant; however, was an FBI official. This is damaging news to the left.

It is a situation SO egregious that it makes Watergate look like child’s play. The New York Times and The Washington Post wrote about the informant to give their narrative first, in an attempt to get ahead of the damage.

But it was too late. 

Most American’s laughed when they saw the Post article entitled, “The FBI didn’t use an informant to go after Trump. They used one to protect him.” And twitter users gave the leftist propaganda a beat down. It was so glaringly apparent that it  was painful to see the left melt down this way. Fellow Americans were aghast at the article title’s audacity!

Everyone wanted to know who the mystery FBI agent was. And in an article by The Daily Caller, we discover it is Stephen Halper. Halper is a known agent though and runs in the D.C. circle and has for decades. In fact, he has done work in the Reagan years.

Then the question became: WHEN did the surveillance begin on the Trump campaign?

And the story that everyone was told, is that it began in July of 2016 after the DNC server was supposedly hacked. The only problem with this narrative however, is that more emails are articles from the Post and Times are showing that Halper was on board before then.

The summation is that we have been lied to about WHO and  WHEN the Trump campaign began being spied on. But WHY? h/t Brietbart

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