Sara Carter Reveals What Trump’s DOJ Demand Means For Fmr Obama Officials’ Crooked ‘Mosaic’

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Sara A.Carter has written a brilliant piece to catch everyone up on what is going on with the possible spy ring in the Trump Campaign. The concept of spying on an opposing political party was introduced to America by the Obama era upper echelons of the FBI and DOJ. Carter brought forth President Trump’s Monday meeting with senior FBI, DOJ and DNI officials to discuss the potential release of classified documents requested by the House Intel Committee.

It is believed these documents may contain key information as to whether or not Obama officials authorized key elements of the investigation into Trump’s campaign simply based on political motivations, including the recently found out ‘informant’ that was planted in Trump’s campaign. The meeting came immediately following a tweet, which the President said he will formally called for the Department of Justice to look into allegations that Obama’s DOJ and FBI surveilled Trump’s campaign for “political purposes.”

Carter believes that the documents that are being requested by Devin Nunes and the House Intel Committee, yet are being stonewalled by the FBI and DOJ, could expose the “mosaic” that former FBI Director James Comey touched on that allowed him to get a FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign.

There were four known FISA warrants, but it was the fourth and final one that concerns Carter as she wonders why Rod Rosenstein approved it. This is because it came after knowledge that the Steele dossier contained lot of false information and the discovery that it was funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC.

From Sara A. Carter:

Comey told Fox New’s Brett Baier this month in an interview that it was a “mosaic” of information that the Bureau used to apply for the warrant, as he downplayed the dossier’s importance in the FISA warrant application. What was the mosaic and were there any red lines crossed, i.e. were government support assets sent into the campaign and was the FBI paying opposition to conduct investigations into members of the Trump campaign? Continued Below

Well, it would come to reason then, that Rosenstein knows what that mosaic is. After all, he’s fighting to keep the information from going to the House Intelligence Committee staff.

The answers to these questions, however, may lie in the classified information requested by Nunes’ committee from the DOJ on April 24. It is the same request that Rosenstein and Wray refused to comply with, citing national security implications if the information is released. Subsequently, Nunes signed a subpoena on April 30, demanding the documents.

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Could the smoking gun that implicates keys Obama officials be inside of the documents that Nunes is requesting? If President Trump gets his way, we may get to the bottom of it very soon.

In closing, here is a recent video of Nunes discussing his efforts to get the documents released.