SMACKDOWN: Pres Trump Just HUMILIATED Reporter, Sending Them Home Crying To Mommy

Image Source: Video screen shot. Edited by US4Trump

President Trump held a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Tuesday.

Both President’s took questions from the press afterwards. (Video Below)

President Trump dropped the hammer on one reporter during the meeting after a number of questions were asked about domestic political drama while he was with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Karen Travers from ABC asked Trump, “Do you have confidence in Rod Rosenstein?”

“What’s your next question?” President Trump responded.

(Video Below)

“Excuse me, I have the President of South Korea here, OK? He doesn’t want to hear these questions, if you don’t mind,” President Trump shot back.

President Trump is right. The reporters should have respect, and stop with the political drama. They have no shame!

Thank goodness we have a President with a spine and calls it like he see’s it.  (Video Below)

Are you proud of President Trump for standing up to the crooked liberal media? Let us know what you think.