Roseanne Comes Forward, Reveals Real Reason She Became Trump Supporter

Roseanne Barr, Hillary Clinton, President Trump via Medium, ABC Screen Grab, WireImage and USA for Trump Compilation

Roseanne Barr just revealed the real reason she became a Trump supporter, and the left is pulling their hair out.

It’s true Roseanne was never a supporter of Hillary’s crooked ways, but years ago she once supported the Green Party and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

She goes into detail why she switched to becoming a Trump supporter.

From Vanity Fair:

Six years ago Barr was campaigning to be the Green Party presidential nominee and showing up at Occupy Wall Street protests, where she advocated for a political system “that doesn’t pass on its wealth to a handful of white guys . . . that rewards hard work and ambition but cares for its weakest child,” a world in which calling someone “a feminazi for saying these things will be considered treasonous.”

Barr says the political discord in her on-screen family (sister Jackie is a Hillary ­Clinton supporter in a pussy hat) is nothing compared with the situation off-camera. “My own family is completely divided over it,” she says, and any attempts to discuss current events result in “screaming, crying.” (Continued below)

“It’s way worse than we had on the show,” she says. 

Barr laughs when I mention Trump’s taking credit for the show’s success. “I do the same with him, like, he’s president because of the things I said. We’re show-business people!”

At another point in our conversation, she flatly declares, “I don’t buy any of it. It’s all bullshit. I like Trump because I felt like he’s good for the Jews. (Continued below)

That’s why I voted for him. He said he was going to move the embassy to Jerusalem. A lot of us think, Hey, that happens to be step one to world peace.” 

“I wanted that voice [of the Trump voter] in there, and then I thought, Well, it should be me.”

Like Kanye West, Barr seems to identify with Trump as a maverick who refuses to self-censor, constantly improvising riffs on his truths (regardless of whether they’re true). Her brazen compulsion to say the forbidden and push too hard is what originally made Barr a superstar; decades later, she has returned to convulse pop culture once again.