SINKING: Clapper & Schiff In PANIC MODE After New Details Surface In The Swamp Water

Image Source: Bizpack Review and Youtube

Not a lot has changed about the human condition since 1808 when Sir Walter Scott surmised, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!”

It appears the Democratic party has confused themselves through the tangled webs they have designed for themselves. Specifically, regarding the spy or spies they are busily denying, admitting to then caustically acknowledging their existence but they are there for protection. (MORE BELOW.)

As reported by Real Clear Politics, Adam Schiff interviewed with Wolf Blitzer and states, “Well, we’ll look into and find out whether there’s any legitimate concern about a politically embedded spy. They know that’s nonsense and I hate to see them say anything to give it credence.”

Blitzer says, “Tell us why it’s nonsense.”  And Adam replies, “Well, because it simply didn’t happen.”

That was only three days ago. Then the New York Times releases a piece saying, yes there were spies but they were there to protect Trump. The piece was entitled, “FBI Used Informant to Investigate Russia Ties to Campaign, Not to Spy, as Trump Claims.” Oh really?

Then the deception becomes even more confused as Comey tweets – yesterday – basically, that yes, there were spies, but call them by the rightful name of “Confidential Human Sources.”  And no one assessed that bit of garbled tweet better than Brit Hume when he tweeted, “In other words, sure we were spying but get the title right and by the way, it’s all under control.” (MORE BELOW.)

Today, Clapper joined in to make it even more amusing and confusing! Lies have a tendency to confuse truth. That is certainly true. Clapper throws his hat into the ring on a paid interview with Jake Tapper of CNN. When asked about the possibility of multiple spies, Clapper says, “Never say never, but I’m not aware.” Talk about covering for himself!

He went onto to tell Tapper, per Breitbart that “he does not like to use the term “spy” to refer to civilian informants for intelligence agencies.” And “the inference that was there… was another informant from some other part of federal government,” that he is “not aware of that.”

The house of cards and their deception is hitting the light for all Americans to see. (MORE BELOW.)

First, there is no spy. Second, well okay maybe there was one but call it by the right name. Third, fine there was one spy but he was there to help not to spy. And finally, if there were multiple spies, like Captain Klink of Hogan’s Heroes fame, suddenly, Clapper “knows nothing!” 

Furthermore, President Trump chimed in:

Additionally, the rank and file of the FBI are ready to be subpoenaed and testify against the upper echelons of the corrupt Obama era intelligence branches. To read more about that blockbuster news from Joe diGenova, click here.

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