BAD TIMING? Dem. Congressman Makes Disgusting Anti-American Plea On Memorial Day

Memorial Day epic fail on Rep Ellison. Image credit to US4Trump compilation with WTOP & Alphanewsmn.Memorial Day epic fail on Rep Ellison. Image credit to US4Trump compilation with WTOP & Alphanewsmn.

Remember when football was about winning, teamwork and perseverance? Remember when standing up showing respect and the National Anthem went together like cookies and milk?

And now, we have America’s teams divided because a couple of years a go – someone – who will go unnamed – thought it would be a great idea to NOT stand for the Anthem? (MORE BELOW.)

The media loved him for it. But the Military and American people were shocked at the disrespect. You know who else wasn’t happy about it? The President of the United States. And the Vice President too. He and his wife, Karen actually walked out of a game after the football players began to kneel for the Anthem in October of 2017.

And after watching their ratings free fall because the NFL and Roger Goodall refused to reprimand players who did not respect the American flag, the NFL finally did something about it.

Just days ago, the NFL passed a bylaw stating that players who kneel would be fined. They can stay off the field if they want to for the National Anthem but they’d be fined if they disrespected the flag by kneeling on the field during the Anthem.

All 32 NFL teams voted for the kneeling ban, except the San Francisco 49’ers who abstained from voting. All the teams that voted decided that – showing respect for the American flag was a pretty important thing to do, after all. (MORE BELOW.)

And guess who thinks it’s a pretty neat idea to boycott the NFL now because they are banning kneeling during the National Anthem? None other than Congressman and  Michigan Representative Keith Ellison.

He tweets: “Friends who know me, know that I love football. But I won’t be watching this NFL season because of the unfair cowardly and idiotic kneeling ban. (See tweet below.) 

Wow. Liberals will do anything for attention. And wanting to boycott the NFL because America wants respect shown to the flag is almost anti-American. Especially a tweet like that on Memorial Day. Unbelievable. (MORE BELOW.)

Rep Ellison’s tweet:

Most of America, agrees with the NFL’s unanimous decison to ban kneeling. But is it too little too late? We won’t know for sure until September 6, 2018 when the first kick off game is for the 2018 season.

It will be “hosted by the defending Super Bowl LII champion Philadelphia Eagles hosting the Atlanta Falcons at Lincoln Financial Field in PhiladelphiaPennsylvania.” And it will certainly be interesting to see what happens in the 99th NFL season.

Will there be more protests or not? Let us know what you are thinking!