HILARIOUS: Pres Trump Points Out Another Swamp Rat Sending Him Crawling Back To The Sewer

Image source: CNN Video Screenshot

President Trump took to Twitter on Monday afternoon laughing at a Democratic lawmaker who is trying to repeal the GOP tax cuts.

President Trump said, “no chance.”

The President was responding to Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) who introduced a bill Wednesday that would undo the tax cuts passed by Republicans last year.

According to The Hill, Polis’s legislation, titled the Students Over Special Interests Act, would repeal the GOP tax law and redirect the additional taxpayer money toward erasing student loan debt and making college more affordable.

“The Republican tax plan was all about special interests cashing in at the expense of everyone else. My plan shows what a difference we can make for middle-class Americans for even less cost,” Polis said.

The bill is the first piece of legislation that would move to entirely reverse the GOP tax cuts and is unlikely to receive serious consideration while Republicans control both chambers of Congress. (Read more below)

The President tweeted in response saying:

“A Democratic lawmaker just introduced a bill to Repeal the GOP Tax Cuts (no chance). This is too good to be true for Republicans…Remember, the Nancy Pelosi Dems are also weak on Crime, the Border and want to be gentle and kind to MS-13 gang members…not good!”

(Read more below)

You have to agree President Trump calls it like he see’s it, and won’t let the swamp get in his way. When he see’s these phony lawmakers trying to hurt Americans- he shines a light on them for all to see. 

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