Shell-Shocked: Google Hands Top Senate Democrats A Bitter Pre-Midterm Defeat

Google cancels location of DNC fundraiser. Image credit to US4Trump compilation with India Today, CNN, CNBC and The View screen grabs.Google cancels location of DNC fundraiser. Image credit to US4Trump compilation with India Today, CNN, CNBC and The View screen grabs.

Eric Lieberman likes technology industry stories! He is a journalist and reporter for the Daily Caller and based in D.C. Furthermore, he uncovered a jewel of information on Google for the rest of us to enjoy!

Recently, the Democratic National Committee put together a fundraiser. The goal was to secure fifty thousand new democrats across the country to run for office. (MORE BELOW.)

Moreover, in bold white letters against a generic black drop, the invitation on the website, Run For Something,  implored, “June 6th. Games, drinks and building the bench with Senators Elizabeth Warren, Kristen Gillibrand & Cory Booker.

Then, the invitation said the location would follow in a separate communication. “Important note! Confirmation of the date and time will be in your donation receipt. Exact venue location will follow in a separate email. No need to print anything; just check in with ID when you arrive.”

However, Eric Lieberman discovered that the location was suppose to be the Google headquarters in Washington, D.C. Specifically, the DNC would NOT be hosting at Google! Google cancelled on Warren, Gillibrand and Booker! (TWEET BELOW.)


“Google representatives declined to comment on the record about the situation, and if The DCNF’s inquiry brought it to their attention or was the ultimate reason for the cancellation. Google, like many other large, deep-pocketed companies, often rents out its spaces for events, even those political. The tech giant itself has hosted gatherings that cater to or are organized by conservatives and Republicans, but there is little to no evidence of past fundraisers. (CONTINUED BELOW.)

Partner organizations of Run For Something include the Democratic Senate Campaign Fund, House Democratic Campaign Committee, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, Emily’s List, Pantsuit Nation, Onward Together, Opportunity First, She Should Run, Swing Left, Texas Democrats, and Young Democrats of America, among several others on the left end of the political spectrum.

Run For Something, and the offices of Booker, Gillibrand and Warren did not respond to The DCNF’s request for comment in time of publication.”

The tech giant may be reeling from the gruesome Google headquarter shooting in San Bruno, California in early April. Fox reports, a disgruntled patron was upset and turned the gun on herself after killing three Google employees.  (CONTINUED BELOW.)

Perhaps, Google is trying for more equality. In ending, what are your thoughts? Drop a comment below and hit the subscribe button for more!