Reporter Asks Bill Clinton If He Apologized To Monica, Then All Hell Breaks Loose

Image Source: Video screen shots. US4Trump Compilation

During an interview on on NBC News Monday, Bill Clinton came out of nowhere with some pathetic excuses.

Clinton insisted he doesn’t owe a personal apology to Monica Lewinsky while he shot back at criticism of their affair pushed by the #MeToo movement. (Video Below)

“I apologized to everybody in the world,” Clinton said on NBC’s “Today” show, adding that he has no plans to apologize to the former White House intern.

“I do not. I’ve never talked to her. But I did say, publicly, on more than one occasion, that I was sorry. That’s very different. The apology was public.”

Clinton revealed that after 20 years after their affair put a damper on the White House, he hasn’t spoken to Monica Lewinsky, and “he does NOT owe her an apology.”

Clinton straight-up said he wouldn’t have done anything differently in how he approached the Lewinsky scandal had the #MeToo movement existed back then. (Video Below)

Clinton defended his decision to remain in office and took a jab at President Trump.

Monica, in February gave an interview with Vanity Fair, where she slammed Bill and Hillary both. You can read the FULL DETAILS HERE.

(Video Below)

Watch pathetic Bill below. This is going to ruin whatever is left of the Clinton’s for good.