What Jim Carrey Just Did To Attack First Lady Melania Trump Proves He’s Pure Garbage

Image Source: Video screen shots. US4Trump.com Compilation

Jim Carrey seems mentally ill by his recent artwork, targeting the Trump family and administration.

Carrey released another politically offensive painting to go with the many pieces he has already shared on social media. (Video Below)

This time, Jim’s aim was on First Lady Melania Trump.

Carrey’s latest piece depicts Melania Trump wearing a brainwashing device similar to the one worn in a scene from Stanley Kubrick’s science fiction film “A Clockwork Orange.”

The artwork comes just two days after the first lady broke her silence on speculation of her whereabouts in the weeks following her kidney operation.

Carrey and other psychotic left-wing conspiracy theorists have been questioning Melania’s whereabouts since her surgery. (Video Below)

Carrey took to twitter with his latest artwork.

He tweeted, “Don’t worry folks. Melania is fine. They’re probably just reminding her how to play well with others.”

(Video Below)



The left wing double-standard media attacking First Lady Melania never dared question Hillary Clinton’s health, even after she collapsed and quickly disappeared from the public.

Jim Carrey has obviously lost his marbles! Instead of showing concern for First Lady of the United States, someone who deserves respect and honor, Carrey is belittling her and making jokes about her surgery. Shame on him! Let us know in the comments below how you feel about this.