Gaetz Humiliates McCabe After Unveiling Which Swamp Creature He Represents

Gaetz, McCabe via Screen Grabs

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is desperate to avoid punishment for his actions related to the handling of key investigations during his tenure. So much, that he is now asking for immunity in exchange for his testimony regarding Hillary Clinton’s email investigation. (Read more about McCabe’s request for immunity by CLICKING HERE)

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz, however, warned that no one should take the bait that McCabe is offering. Gaetz  compared the disgraced former Deputy Director to a specific swamp creature while explaining why it would be “outrageous” to a grant McCabe immunity. Video Below

While speaking with Harris Faulkner of Fox News, Rep. Gaetz admitted he does not trust McCabe and is not ready to let him off the hook quite yet. Especially, since he strongly believes McCabe lied under oath and is still puzzled on whose story to believe between Comey and McCabe.

Gaetz says many more questions need answered before granting immunity to McCabe. And he needs to “account for his actions.”

The congressman even went further to say, “I don’t think he’s out of the woods yet in terms of a criminal prosecution.” 

And to make his point even more clear, Gaetz took a page out of President Trump’s playbook, and made a comparison of which creature McCabe would be if D.C. was a swamp. See Below

Gaetz proclaimed:

If Washington, D.C. was the swamp, McCabe might be the lochness monster of the swamp.”


Whoa! Talk about humiliating!

Gaetz tells it like it is to get his point across and succeeded, yet again.

Like Gaetz, many Trump supporters don’t trust McCabe, Comey, Brennan, Clapper or any other key member of the proclaimed D.C. swamp. And would find it to be a huge mistake if immunity is granted to a “Lochness Monster” without getting something more major in return from McCabe, other than a simple testimony that he can lie during again.

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