Lou Dobbs Sends Shockwaves Through D.C. Establishment After Revealing What They Don’t Want Known

Image Source: Video screen shots. US4Trump.com Compilation

Tucker Carlson interviewed Fox Business’ host Lou Dobbs Wednesday night in an explosive interview.

They discussed Attorney General Jeff Sessions defending his decision on separating illegal immigrant parents from their children, and they discussed a new poll showing that ethnic groups have a negative view of illegal immigration after-all. (Video Below)

Tucker Carlson explained that a new CBS/YOUGOV POLL shows that far more Americans think that immigration is making their communities worse. Not better.

He sarcastically added that it’s “not just those dreaded white people” that democrats attack that feel the immigration is bad, it’s everyone.

The recent poll below shows the proof.

(Video Below)

The poll numbers don’t lie.

Fox News video screen shot

Tucker continued in saying that immigration is a POWERFUL ISSUE FOR AMERICANS OF ALL KINDS. (Video Below)

Sadly, illegals have more rights than Americans, and democrats use the platform for votes.

Tucker wants to know why when American citizens are arrested and separated from their children where is the outrage? Should they be treated more harshly than illegal aliens?

Attorney General Sessions stated that if illegal aliens don’t want to be separated from their children, they shouldn’t cross the border illegally. (Video Below)

Image Source: Fox News Video screen shot

Tucker noted that AG Jeff Sessions believes that borders and laws matter.

Lou Dobbs joined Tucker on Wednesday night and explained that the “establishment” wants open borders…average Americans know they’re being lied to and don’t like it.”

“The reality is that ALL Americans no matter what race, do not want open borders. The reality is the activist groups that are pro-illegal are spewing propaganda for the corporations and Chamber of Commerce that want cheap labor….” Dobbs stated.

Dobbs continued, “The entire left wing and establishment argument collapses if people look at the reality. The reality is… all those ethno-centric interest groups and activist groups are basically spewing propaganda. It’s all been picked up by the left wing media establishment and corporate America. The people crossing the border are not coming across on the basis of merit (as President Trump has stated) they are coming across on the basis of Mexican government policy which insists that they be transferred to the U.S. The poor and least advantage among their society.”

WATCH below as Lou Dobbs and Tucker Calrson hit the nail on the head about illegal immigration.

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