Pres Trump Goes To Canada, Fries The Media Well Done & Eats Them For Breakfast

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President Trump called out Fake News CNN at Charlevoix, Quebec at the G7 presser on Saturday morning.

The President is the master troller. (Videos Below)

A CNN reporter asked President Trump a question about US allies and a “friendlier” Kim Jong-Un.

President Trump stomped the CNN reporter for the world to see.

The CNN reporter asked President Trump, “As you are heading into these G7 talks there’s a sense that America’s closest allies are frustrated with you and angry with you and that you are angry with them and that you are leaving here to go meet with more friendlier talks with Kim Jong-Un in Singapore and I was wondering if you view it the same way? And do you view the US alliance system shifting under your presidency?”

(Videos Below)

President Trump responded, “Who are you with out of curiosity?”

CNN reporter: “CNN.”

President Trump: “I figured, fake news CNN. The worst. But, I had no idea you’re with CNN. After the question I was just curious who you’re with. You’re with CNN.” (Videos Below)

President Trump went on to answer CNN’s question then added:

“You can tell that to your fake friends at CNN!”

Watch President Trump fry fake news CNN well done and eat them for breakfast.

This is just another reason we love President Trump!

The next question asked by another reporter, President Trump explained exactly why he calls out the “fake news.”


“The U.S. press is very dishonest, much of it, not all of it.”

BOOM! Don’t you just love our President?

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