Gregg Jarrett & Sara Carter Made Jaws Hit The Floor After What They Unleashed About The IG Report

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Friday night on Fox News, legal analyst Gregg Jarrett and investigative journalist Sara Carter joined Sean Hannity in an explosive interview discussing the upcoming IG report.

In their interview, Gregg Jarrett and Sara Carter revealed what the Inspector General is looking at and what may be released. (Video Below)

The Inspector General, Michael Horowitz has prepared a 400 page document and reportedly, the IG report is regarding the mis-handling of the Clinton investigation. Comey and McCabe are most likely the stars of the report along with Hillary Clinton.

Jarrett on Friday night explained that Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report comes out next week and some damning evidence will be revealed. (RELATED: Comey And McCabe Won’t Sleep Tonight After What Gregg Jarrett UNVEILED About Them Today)

However, Sara Carter issued a warning this week about the delay of the IG report saying, “The Department of Justice and the FBI are deliberately attempting to slow roll and redact significant portions of DOJ Inspector General, Michael Horowitz’s report on the bureau’s handling of the Hillary Clinton investigation, according to numerous congressional officials and investigators.”

(Video Below)

Gregg explained one possibility that may be exposed is: “James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page were so severely biased that they ignored compelling evidence for personal and political reasons. That could be obstruction of justice on their part.” 

He added that the Inspector General is also looking into other acts committed by Comey and McCabe.

Sean Hannity explained that the story is far worse than what they are selectively leaking at this point and pointed out that it’s a problem. (Video Below)

Sara Carter responding to Hannity said, “Absolutely. What we also know is that it is over 400 pages. The IG Report. There’s only been little leaks, here and there as to what the IG might be or what might not be reporting on. And, I think Gregg is right.”

Sara continued, “They are going to be looking at possible obstruction. What I have been hearing is that there is going to be a criminal referral from this report.”

Hannity asked if the criminal referral will come with the report or post-report with the case of Andrew McCabe, and Sara said she believes that it will be announced post report.

Carter explained that if the IG finds a crimes while he’s investigating, he has to immediately refer the information to the Justice Department and could have possible already made a referral.

Hannity and Sara both agree that the Inspector General will have to answer questions for the crimes and felonies that Hillary Clinton committed and the obstruction that took place, along with rigging the entire investigation.


In ending, do you believe that WE THE PEOPLE have a right to see the Inspector General’s report? Why do you suppose they are holding on to it and not releasing it? If you would like to see the report, contact your state lawmakers and tell them! Click here for contact information.