Comey Likely In Sheer Panic After What Rudy Giuliani Just Laid On The Line

Rudy Giuliani and James Comey via Screen Grabs

Rudy Giuliani was the bearer of more bad news for former FBI Director James Comey, as he appeared in a radio interview with John Catsimatidis.

Inspector General Michael Horiwitz’s full report on the Hillary Clinton email scandal is expected to be released this week. And based on what Giuliani has concluded, the end result of the report will not sway too much in favor of James Comey. In fact, he believes the exact opposite could happen. Continued Below

As transcribed and reported on by The Hill, Giuliani is quoted as saying:

“I think the report of Horowitz, the [inspector general], and the Justice Department will confirm that Comey acted improperly with with regard to the Hillary Clinton investigation.”

Giuliani continued by saying, “The first thing we are going to get is a report from Inspector General Horowitz on Comey’s handling of Hillary, which I think is going to be very very critical of Comey, as it should be.”

And then Giuliani likely made Comey panic when he concluded what all of this could mean for the former FBI Director. See Below

If he was listening to the radio program at the time, Giuliani made Comey’s ears burn after what he said about the result of the pending IG report:

“Comey, really, has a chance of being prosecuted as a result of, but we’ll see.”

Wow! And it could only get worse for Comey if Deputy FBI Director McCabe decides to fully cooperate with investigators, which he is currently trying to work out. You can read more on that by CLICKING HERE. Continued Below

Per The Hill, Horiwitz told Senate Judiciary Chairman this past week in a letter that a report on the handling of Hillary Clintons emails will be released on June 14.

Until then, Comey will be on the edge of his seat as he awaits his fate. And Giuliani’s statement is not very encouraging if he is hoping to get out of all of this untouched.

Sara Carter and Gregg Jarrett also recently gave their take on who will be affected most by the IG report. They believe the report will expose James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok & Lisa Page, who were all key Obama-era FBI Officials during Clinton’s investigation.

And both Carter and Jarrett believe the IG is particularly looking at McCabe and Comey on whether or not they committed obstruction. To read more on Jarrett and Carter’s analysis, CLICK HERE.

Former Trump attorney Joe diGenova, however, warns that Rosenstein and company could be scrubbing the IG report of damning evidence, which is why it’s taking so long to be released. Here is video of diGenova specifying on the matter:

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