While Trying To Be Tough, The Most Horrifying Thing Happens To Trudeau In Front Of The World

Image Source: Expansion.mx

A video of Canada’s Justin Trudeau’s failed eyebrows is making its rounds on the internet and it’s HILARIOUS.

After Truedeau’s recent jab at President Trump, it’s only fair America hits back. (Video Below)

A video circling the internet is making its rounds, along with tremendous memes. The video shows Trudeau speaking with reporters on Thursday at the G7 summit, and it appears one of his eyebrows slipped off.

Perhaps Justin Trudeau has too much soy in his diet.

Can we suggest a little maple syrup might help keep them in place.

(Video Below)

What is going on with Justin’s eyebrows?


Twitter responds in a hilarious fashion:


(Continued Below)

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